Healing Earth at Leeu Estate. A rejuvenating retreat to indulgent spoils.

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A while ago I escaped work for a while, driving out to Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands where by invitation of the remarkable Elisabeth Brandt of Healing Earth Africa, I spent a few indulgent hours at Leeu Spa by Healing Earth being beautifully spoilt as an early Birthday present.

I was treated to a 120 minute ‘Heal, Repair and Restore Body Ceremony‘ as recommended by Elisabeth, and it truly is as amazing as it sounds. My therapist Bronwyn scrubbed, massaged, pampered and thoroughly spoilt and rejuvenated me from top to bottom, ending the treatment with a reviving facial that left my skin feeling silky soft, young and healthy.

From the moment I stepped through the doors from the hot rushed outside world into the calm and cool interior that is the Leeu Spa by Healing Earth, it felt like a retreat to an alternate universe – a beautiful one with a teal coloured pool, earthy undertones, emotive art and commanding mountain views. Coleen welcomed me and checked me in, making me feel like nothing but soulful healing, natural South African sourced products and the ethos of care, restoration and wellness mattered. Which is exactly the kind of space which has been created here.

As though that wasn’t enough, a beautifully packaged gift awaited me after the treatment: the Lemon & Verbena & Argan Oil bath & shower gel, conditioning shampoo, hand & body lotion and some of my best lip balm I’ve tried. I added De-street Eye Gel – because my eyes are so tired, and a Tri-Enzyme Peptide Peel to the mix, both had been used on me during the facial and I loved the result.

I couldn’t have imagined what I was in for, except of course that both Healing Earth and Leeu Estates offer refined experiences for the discerning client, and in this case in the most magical of settings. I truly understand the philosophy behind the treatment and came away feeling more relaxed and well than I had in months. The considered and consciously produced products soothing from the outside in, as did the ambience, the therapists and the endless considerations for my wellbeing. I’m most grateful.

See the full Spa Menu here.

Thank you too for the generous birthday gift which awaited me in my locker, so very kind of you all.

What a soulful, healing and rejuvenating experience it was to be at the Leeu Spa by Healing Earth. I am so grateful for the invitation and kind opportunity!

Leeu Spa by Healing Earth

Set among the vineyards, Leeu Spa by Healing Earth is an immersive wellness sanctuary that offers holistic treatments and experiences by expert therapists. The tailor-made offerings are inspired by Africa’s rich natural resources, with a unique focus on the myriad of therapeutic benefits of South Africa’s unique Pinotage grape. Pure and premium natural products by Healing Earth are used in memorable treatments.

Leeu Estate, Franschhoek

The flagship property in the Leeu Collection, Leeu Estates encompasses various luxury accommodation options and innovative cuisine in La Petite Colombe and Le chêne, while showcasing monumental sculptures in the manicured gardens and among the fynbos and vineyards. At the five-star boutique hotel in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley, Leeu Spa by Healing Earth offers the highest quality products, therapies and spa concepts that nurture both the body and soul by harnessing the restorative powers of Africa’s rich natural resources, such as minerals, flowers, herbs and natural oils.

Healing Earth uses a lovingly-created collection of Pinotage facial and body care products at Leeu Spa. Healing Earth pioneered the use of this uniquely South African grape in its products, and its vinotherapy range harnesses the antioxidant properties of its seeds, skins and stems for skincare that not only reflects the essence of the country’s Winelands but is also effective in guarding against free radicals and the elements while leveraging the powerful anti-ageing effects of polyphenols.

Masters in the art of bringing memorable, multi-sensory spa and wellbeing experiences to guests the world over, as well as a comprehensive wellness programme of motivational talks, yoga, meditation, life coaching and personal development workshops, and guests can expect a truly life-changing offering at a world-class destination. Learn more about Healing Earth.

‘Healing Earth is dedicated to award-winning quality, unparalleled service excellence and memorable experiences combined with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and social upliftment. To this end, we have found a perfect partner in the Leeu Collection, as it resonates with and reflects our unwavering commitment and values’ says Healing Earth Founding Director Elisabeth Brandt

Both Leeu Collection and Healing Earth are dedicated to the wellbeing of the planet and its people through active social responsibility projects and supporting local and sustainable initiatives. Healing Earth’s products are earth and animal friendly and aim to respect, sustain and uplift.

As I have previously written, I love the whole range and the two incredible pamper hampers that I have previously been gifted certainly helped lift my spirits and avoid possible lockdown blue – equipping me with a range of goodness based products that connected me to Africa at a time when I couldn’t travel. They worked wonders, leaving me completely loved up by the soulful, consciously created balms, polishes, serums and sprays that are produced with kindness and were selected for me with such consideration.

Using Healing Earth leaves my skin nourished and cared for. In particular, the ones I don’t want to live without are the African Potato Balm, Rosehip Facial Serum and Antibacterial Hygiene Spray. Add to that the Marula & Neroli Bath Crystals, Relax Oil, Body Polish and Body Balm and you have all that you need to keep going with the all essential self-love. Healing Earth ensures that there’s a glow about, increased confidence and the added mood lift that I so appreciate. Inspired by Nature. From Africa to the World indeed ❤

Thank you, Elisabeth, Coleen, Bronwyn and your beautiful team for making me feel so special. I’m most grateful and cherish the spoils. For more information take a look at the Leeu Spa by Healing Earth with bookings at  +2721 492 2223 and communications@healingearth.co.za. Leeu Spa by Healing Earth is open Monday to Sunday from 10h00 to 19h00. Of course, all COVID protocols are strictly adhered to.

Read my Healing Earth Africa. Reconnecting with nature. I am so proud of this association.

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