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Healthy Habits
Travelling undoubtedly enriches and affects our lives in many ways but can admittedly sometimes mean letting go of our good habits. When we travel, we can too easily lose sight of how much we are spending, as well as let our healthy lifestyle and sleeping patterns lapse, which we’ll pay the price for once home. But travelling doesn’t mean we need to leave our good habits behind; we just need to be aware that things may be a little different and that it’s okay to let go and spoil ourselves once in a while.

Do Some Research Before You Go

It’s recommended that before you depart on your trip that you research the things you need to know and even make some pre-bookings, this will give you an idea of where to go for food, sleep, and exercise. Finding out options way ahead of time can help reduce any stress and saves time on the ground. The last thing you want is to find out that nobody understands English well enough to guide you to the basics. For example, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you may want to look ahead to finding the best places for vegan foods or finding a self-catering apartment and fresh food market, so you can make your own food if you prefer. I love doing this, it makes me feel like I’m actually living in the place I’m visiting.

Healthy Habits

Get Enough Sleep Whilst Travelling

What many people tend to do while travelling is to burn the candle at both ends until it all gets too much. If you want to feel constantly run down and exhausted then this is the way to do so. Whilst it can be difficult to fit everything you want to see and do into a short space of time, sleep is a must. Don’t forget that your trip is a holiday too and getting good quality sleep is essential to stay happy, healthy and reduce stress. It is okay to sometimes leave your friends early and call it a night; you don’t always have to be the last one standing. Actually, I’m an advocate for big busy days packed with quiet evenings in processing the wonders of all the new discoveries.

Eat Well, but stick to the good stuff

Many people when they go travelling have the ‘eat what you want’ mentality. This is an easy way to pile on the extra kilograms and end up feeling miserable for it once you get home. Whilst you should engage with new cultures and treat yourself to local speciality dishes and a gelato (or two) when in Italy, it’s important not to overload on bad foods all the time. Avoid fast food fixes, to ward off hunger between meals stock up on healthy snacks at the local supermarket and carry these with you when you head out for the day.

Keep Active, walk the streets or join a local exercise class

Exercise often end up forgotten about whilst travelling, but exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul and should be part of your travelling experience. You also don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve built up at home. This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every day, but find some exercise options that are part of the local culture. This will depend on where you are travelling, for instance, if you choose to go to Thailand, you can hike one of the many mountains out there, or take a Bangkok city tour by bicycle. When we travel, we often do a lot of walking from place to place which helps too. Keep an on your step counter, you’ll be amazed at the distance you’ve covered on foot at the end of each day. Find local exercise classes if you are going to stay in the same place for a while, join Tai Chi in the parks of Ho Chi Minh or yoga on the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh for a great way to be assimilated into the local scene, get a workout and meet people.

Prepare for long-distance walking

Travellers are often unprepared for the sheer distances that they need to walk and the effects that it has on their feet and shins. Trekking through the jungle or hiking up mountains puts you at risk of blisters and even foot deformities if you don’t get your footwear right. If you are someone who uses websites to sell feet pics, it matters what your feet look like long term, so it’s something that you should pay attention to. Not to mention the fact that getting a blister or a shin splint is extremely painful. Before you set off, consider training and preparing your body for long distances. Buy proper hiking shoes and anti-blister socks to protect yourself. Make sure that you get Gore-tex waterproofing if you’re going to be in a wet or muddy area. 

Watch your budget

While travelling it is all too easy to spend money on things you just don’t need, be they trinket souvenirs or taxis on routes you’d be better off walking. If you are travelling and working at the same time treat the experience just as you would at home. This means making meals for work and not being tempted to go to the local coffee shop every morning. Investing in a coffee machine for your place is a great way to save money in the long run, especially if you can’t live without that morning caffeine hit. These pods cost less and taste great, meaning you will always have your morning coffee without the price tag. Don’t forget to recycle the used pods at the store you buy them.

Healthy Habits

Being mindful of these will aid you in maintaining your healthy habits whilst travelling. Of course, it’s okay to deviate once in a while and indulge in a decadent meal or sleep in late somewhere snug and cosy, but you’d do that at home anyway. 

**All pics are sourced on Pixabay, the top one features Bern, the most beautiful Swiss city.

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