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Feed 1 MIllion

If like me you’ve been feeling a little helpless and trying to find ways to contribute to those who need it most, I’d like to suggest that you look to supporting the Feed 1 Million Children initiative.

The reality is that more than 6 million South African children experience hunger and malnutrition, many receiving their only meal of the day at school. With the COVID-19 lockdown and closures of schools, many of them, especially in rural communities, are now completely without food. At a cost of only R1.30, the Southern Lodestar Foundation provides a child with a highly nutritious breakfast, with the campaign currently able te feeds hundreds of thousands of children with the help of donations. If you can, please consider contributing via their ThundaFund page at and help them reach their goal of delivering 1 million meals to the children of South Africa. To put it into perspective, R250 can feed 192 kids, with all proceeds going directly to preparing, sanitising and delivering the meals.

I know times are tough for all of us, but right here is a place where a little is going a very long way.

While we are all doing our best to keep each other safe by staying at home, children who used to get food at school are no longer receiving one of their primary meals due to lockdown. We are currently feeding 20 000 kids and with the help of the public, we are aiming to feed 1 million. It costs R1.30 for us to feed a child. That’s a meal produced, sanitised and delivered.

More about the Southern Lodestar Foundation

The Southern Lodestar Foundation was born out of a need to improve the lives of impoverished children across Sub-Saharan Africa. Through education and nutrition, the Foundation aims to create meaningful change, foster hope and deliver sustainable transformation to enhance the long-term health and development of individuals and nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. To achieve this, the Foundation runs feeding schemes at underprivileged schools, providing thousands of disadvantaged school children with a nutritionally balanced meal every day.

The hope is to feed, nurture and grow communities through knowledge and nutrition, as they believe that no-one can reach their full potential on an empty stomach.

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