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#nomadgorillas. – I’m not known to wear practical shoes. I’m better at barefoot or non-shoes. You know, those pretty little things that hold the sole to your foot with a strap so thin its barely visible. Those. I like those. And boots, Wellington boots on the farm and fancy boots for out and about in winter.

Problem is this found me ill equipped for gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. I do own a good pair of trainers, but they don’t have the traction for climbing or hiking and there would be slipping and sliding.

To the rescue HiTec SA who generously sponsored the #nomadgorillas team a pair of hiking shoes each. I visited the factor shop in Montagu Gardens to learn more about their range and the options available to me. The salesman talked me through the ladies range, persuading me towards this pair, which was just perfect!

Light, waterproof, good traction and specific to the task, their grip saved me from many a fall as I clambered through the thick vegetation of the rain forest. They are also incredibly comfortable and after a full day of hiking I was happy to keep them on just a little longer.

We bonded on that climb and my feet are delighted to know that I have learnt the value of good shoes. Attractive and versatile too and they got plenty of use just moving around the area. Thank you Hi-Tec for the comfort and style, practical functionality and for inspiring me to tackle many more hiking trips now that I have the shoes for it.

Details: Online Store. Website.


Absolute beauties with a purpose.


Hiking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.


Resting up after a five hour gorilla trek.


The #nomadgorillas team just as we were coming down from our time with the Gorillas. All smiles and gratitude for the ease and functionality of our shoes! Thank you Hi-Tec SA – you’ve got me swayed towards happier feet and many more hikes in mine.

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