Hill’s Pet Nutrition Goes Grain Free and my pups are benefitting.

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While I was away in Thailand my pups Tuscan and Sienna Storm were lucky enough to receive another generous delivery from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, with an added gift included for me, a little glass encased spekboom baby to join my family of four. 

More about the new Hills Grain Free food

If you are looking for a quality pet food with no added grains or gluten, look no further! New Hill’s™ Science Plan™ No Grain has all the goodness you trust from Hill’s but is grain free. Made using the finest natural ingredients, with no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Hill’s No Grain provides precisely balanced nutrition that’s easy to digest, promoting a healthy skin and coat. Now available from veterinary outlets around South Africa and suitable for adult dogs and cats. My Tuscan and Sienna are loving it, and if keeps them healthier, I’m most grateful.

Hills Pet Nutrition

Hills Pet Nutrition

Hills Pet Nutrition

About Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Founded more than 75 years ago with an unwavering commitment to pet nutrition, Hill’s mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. The right nutrition combined with the devotion of veterinary professionals can transform the lives of pets; and healthier and happier pets can transform the lives of pet parents. Hill’s is dedicated to pioneering research and ground-breaking nutrition for dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ pet foods, Hill’s™ Science Plan™ and Hill’s™ Ideal Balance™ wellness pet foods are sold through veterinarians and vet specialty retailers worldwide.

Tuscan Storm

Sienna Storm

The Essential Details

Thank you for always considering by most special best friends. We all appreciate it. For media queries please contact Cathy Williams on cathy@pwmc.co.za or Paula Wilson Media Consulting on 021 7891904.


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