Hill’s Pet Nutrition treated my pups to a taste of their new gourmet stew range.

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I’m very lucky to have a long standing relationship with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, who are not only recognised for leading the way in quality pet meals, but are also committed to saving lives through the numerous heartwarming projects that they support.

Recently they launched a range of delicious gourmet stews for pups, and mine were sent a personalised package, which included some to try. Berlin was straight on the job, in character, donning the Chef’s hat and ready to take the test. Needless to say, he, Tuscan and Sienna were left licking their lips.

Thank you friends for always including my every growing wolf-pack in your drops.

New Hill’s Stews – open up a can and rev up delicious

New Hill’s Stews – delicious gourmet meals your pet is guaranteed to love – provide the perfectly balanced nutrition you expect from Hill’s. Tantalise their taste buds with gently cooked, bite-sized pieces of chicken, tender vegetables and an irresistible sauce. Made with real spinach, carrots and rice, Hill’s Stews are ideal as a complete meal, a tasty topper, or special treat.

As well as the scrumptious Hill’s Science Plan and Ideal Balance stews for healthy cats and dogs, there are also selected Hill’s Prescription Diet stews available to provide clinically proven, therapeutic nutrition as recommended by vets worldwide. Open up a can and rev up delicious – your pet will love you for it and Hill’s promises 100% satisfaction or your money back.  Hill’s Stews are available exclusively at veterinary outlets around South Africa, at a price of between R14 to R38 a can. For information ask your vet or contact Hill’s on 0800 228 783 / infoza@hillspet.com.




Visit www.HillsTransformingLives.co.za for hundreds of real, heart-warming stories that testify to the power of nutrition. Join a community passionate about pets on Facebook www.hillspet.co.za/facebook and Twitter www.twitter.com/HillsPetSA. And follow them on Instagram @HillsPetFoodSA and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hillssouthafrica, as well as at the #HillsStews hashtag.

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Disclaimer: Thank you for always considering by most special best friends. We all appreciate it. Photos by Eden Weiss. For media queries please contact Cathy Williams on cathy@pwmc.co.za or Paula Wilson Media Consulting on 021 7891904.

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