How can a child learn without a desk? Swipe your MySchool card and support Tutudesk.



MySchool Tutudesk. – As a travel blogger I need to work on the go, grab that faithful laptop and sit down to answer emails, do an edit, even write an article to meet a preset deadline as I go. It’s the reality of the job.

Yet despite my free-spirited way, love for travel and freelance lifestyle, working from a mobile office is hard for me. The main reason being that no matter how much I look at it, I need my desk. That place of balance and space where I can focus on the work be it handwritten or digital, and really concentrate. A lap just doesn’t do it.

Then I heard about the MySchool collaboration with Tutudesk and the estimated 3 million learners that attend school everyday WITHOUT the benefit of a classroom desk to work at, which put things into perspective. I was reminded that my occasional inconvenience is a matter of privilege, whilst for too many it’s an everyday reality. Having access to a desk or good table is something I have come to take for granted.

How can a child learn without a desk? The Tutudesk – what & why.

Taking into account that millions of children are going to school without a desk or writing surface, means that their handwriting, concentration and overall academic performance is ultimately affected too. In response to this and the greater African need the Tutudesk Campaign has been providing portable school desks to children in Sub Saharan Africa for the last few years. To date the Tutudesk Campaign has assisted more than 1,4 million learners in 24 African countries. In the last year MySchool was able to contribute 7 000 lap desks for learners at under-resourced schools in South Africa.

Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, is the Tutudesk campaign’s official patron. To quote the great man “I was a barefoot township urchin. I went to school where there were no desks. We sat on benches and when the teacher asked us to write, we knelt down on the floor and used the benches we had been sitting on as desks …. I wish Tutudesks had been available in my day!”

A survey covering 16 000 Tutudesk recipients and 500 teachers indicated sharp improvements in multiple areas relating to literacy development and academic performance. 80% of teachers said that learner’s handwriting was easier to read. 77% said that Tutudesk had made learning easier for their students and that they were able to teach more effectively. 76% of teachers advised that Tutudesks had significantly improved the overall learning experience for their pupils. There was an overall 65% improvement in homework delivery.

All Tutudesks are locally produced, supporting local employment. They are made from high-grade material and come with a 6-year guarantee. Each desk weighs less than 1kg and sits on the learner’s lap, providing them with a surface to write on, whether they are sitting on the floor or a chair. Desks have a handle, so they are easy to carry.

How you can support? This Youth Day weekend swipe your card.

This Youth Day weekend, MySchool is aiming to raise R350 000 for 2 500 lap desks. Every time a MySchool card is swiped, R1 will be donated towards the Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign. The participating retailers are Woolworths, Waltons, Toys R Us, Reggie’s and EngenFoodstops

The campaign is running from the 13th to 16th June and the donation will be made over and above the contribution already made towards the cardholder’s selected beneficiary. By 2020 the Tutudesk Campaign aims to have provided 20 million desks to 20 million children. What a difference that would make.

More about MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme is one of South Africa’s biggest community support programmes. They raise essential funds for schools, charities and environmental organisations through a system that encourages cardholders to swipe their card at our retail partners, who will donate a percentage of your purchase value to the beneficiary of your choice.

The system allows cardholders to make a difference to a worthy cause without it costing them a cent. The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme raises more than R3 million per month for the schools. More than 700 000 South Africans carry MySchool cards.

Supporters apply for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card and can select up to 3 schools and/or charities as their beneficiary. When they purchase items from participating retailers they swipe the card with the purchase. A small percentage of their transaction is then allocated to their beneficiary school or charity. Simply and effective.

To sign up for a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card here. I’ve had one for years that initially went to my children’s school, yet after they left I moved it to one in more need. Learn more about the TutuDesk campaign on their website, and connect with the Myschool campaign on Facebook and TwitterNow go out and swipe swipe swipe this weekend, helping more children to get Tutudesks to at. I am thrilled to be supporting this initiative.













The Essential Details

  • Go to to sign up for your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, choose the charity of your choice and start making a difference.
  • For media support contact Jackie Busch of liquidlingo Communications at 082 376 4446.

Also read – MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Announces New Online Partner in and How can a child learn without a desk? Swipe you MySchool card and support the Tutudesk and MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. Ever wondered where the funds go to? #MySchoolGiving


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