I found my perfect Travel Partner with Diplomat Luggage.


So love happened. And I must admit, we are amazing together.

I had been looking for the perfect travel partner for a long while, yet nothing had quite worked out. I craved the ideal match, whether headed for a fly-in Safari in remote east Africa or jetting to a luxuriously chic urban retreat, the fit needed to work. Words that came to mind in my dreams were ‘flexible, strong, undemanding and classic’ – of course I admit unashamedly that looks mattered too.

Were my imaginings of something yet to be born of the world, or was I simply looking in all the wrong places, I’d often ponder. Then as if from nowhere, an email arrived with a delicious offer I couldn’t refuse. Diplomat Luggage, would like to offer me a piece of luggage to have and to hold, as my own.

After consulting with the lovely Cheryl, co-founder and co-owner, it was agreed that a duffle with wheels would best match my needs and she recommended the 64cm Spark, a recent exciting edition to Samsonite’s best-selling range, assuring me that ‘loyal to its original DNA, Spark offers all you need for travelling and more: huge volumes, smooth rolling double wheels, tough fabrics in intense colour hues, light weight, great looks, a complete travel assortment and all this packed with smart features.’

I had the destinations lined up, and here at last was the Spark to add to them. No more carrying misshaped bags up stairs, or lugging oversized pieces down passage ways, we had established travel partner perfection.

Read more about my Samsonite Spark 64cm Trolley Duffle.

About Diplomat Luggage.

‘Life’s a journey. We’ll help you travel in style.’

Cheryl Rodrigues and her husband John, along with his brother Oscar, are the owners of the physical Diplomat Luggage stores in Sandton City, Eastgate Shopping Centre and Riverside Mall in Nelspruit. Their first shop was opened in 1973 and they’ve been sending items of luggage on adventures ever since. As Chriyl says ‘our 40+ years’ experience has enabled us to build very close relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, which is why we’re able to offer you the competitive prices you see on our website today. Our network of physical stores and warehouses will ensure you receive your order in a timely and professional manner.’

I can attest to their warmth, efficiency and expertise, the experience of consulting and ordering has been effortless and the only reason it’s taken me this long to write a blog post, is because I waited to try out my new baby on a trip, which I did last week.

For me who travels constantly, I understand that more is needed to ease the experience than that primary piece of luggage. There are choices to be made about best handbags, laptop bags, purses, passport holders, backpacks, locks and luggage tags, as well as universal adaptors for here and there. Diplomat Luggage has a comprehensive range of all of these, making them a one stop shop that you can build a relationship with. And I love the idea of that.

All of the above can be ordered online with delivery easily arranged. Diplomat do have a money back guarantee and excellent return policy, if by some slim chance you’ll need it.

As for my new best friend, Samsonite was voted “Favourite Luggage Brand” by the Tripadvisor community for the last 4 years. Read more here. Truth is I’d heard much about the brand, universally recognised for excellent quality luggage, but in  my mind they only make hard luggage, and I was more interest in a ‘duffle on wheels’. Thrilled to know know how diverse their range is, especially for ladies.

Tips for buying luggage.

Talking about choices and options, here are some ideas to think about before investing in your next piece of luggage.

– What size piece are you looking for. Do you pack light or are you an everything plus the kitchen sink kind of person. Its good to check the cabin size rules of the airlines you’re flying with as well as hand luggage measurements and weight restrictions for economy (or other) class tickets. Taking only that perfect cabin suitcase with you and no checked-in luggage allows you to travel faster – and cheaper.
– What kind of travel do you mostly do. Long haul, bush, city, weekend escapes? Each will have a different need unless you find something that easily adapts to all.
– Hard or soft, another consideration. A hard shell suitcase may look ever so glamorous on the luggage belt, protecting your belongings from any potential impact, but won’t be allowed on small aircrafts that usually bungle all bags into the hold. Soft suitcases are lighter and often have useful pockets on the outside. Having wheels on a soft bag or duffle, and you probably have the best of both worlds.
Important to adhere by the rules, don’t exceed the airline allowance, don’t pack anything you shouldn’t and keep your valuables on your person.

Here’s the good news for you. Diplomat Luggage are generous of heart and don’t want me to be having all the fun on my own. They have therefore created a voucher code dawnj161 which will give all of you a 10% discount should you opt to buy a duffle just like mine. Alternately the voucher code dawnj162 will give you a further 5% discount off any of their other products. These codes are valid until August 31st 2016, but I have no doubt that if you were looking at buying, that Cheryl could be mailed at cheryl@diplomatonline.co.za for support. Both coupons can be used multiple times.

Below are the professional product shots, just to further bring home the magic of this new found love affair …



For more information and to take a look at their range of luggage accessories, visit Diplomat Luggage at http://diplomatonline.co.za/ and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. But be warned, it will send you shopping, especially with the special offers they’re always running.

Find their physical stores here or for your convenience, order online.

Disclaimer: Cheryl of Diplomat Luggage has taken it upon herself to indulge me with this incredible piece of travel. I’m most grateful and can’t recommend her service or the quality of their range, enough. Thank you!

Top pic of me was taken on my recent visit to Satyagraha House in Johannesburg.

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