I’m off to discover the Greener side of Amazing Thailand.

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Thailand. – Tomorrow I leave on the ‘Amazing Thailand Green Mega Fam Trip’, joining a group of International Media to take a closer look at the eco-tourism efforts of this popular destination. The second most popular outbound choice of South Africans, after Mauritius.

It will be my first visit there and I cannot wait!

With a country that features Buddhist temples, spectacular islands, beaches, fascinating history and unique culture, not to mention delicious Thai food and massages, I hope to find out why it is that most visitors still concentrate their visits on the nightlife of Phuket and unethical interaction with exotic animals.

I will be spending time in the Trat province and Ko Chang, visiting an ecotourism community where buddhists and muslims live and worship together. The Chang Thun Eco-Museum to learn about the Chong people, their culture, as well as their passion and dedication to natural and cultural conservation. Taking a journey by salenger, a motorbike with sidecar, along the island roads. Yay!

Staying with the Huai Raeng Ecotourism Group and experiencing this farming community’s simple way of life on the fertile land called the ‘Land of Three Waters’.  Learning about their community activities; making mangosteen rind soap in a bamboo mould, and Khanom Chak, a traditional Thai dessert made of flour coconut and sugar, wrapped in the palm leaves before charcoal-grilling and Betel Leaf Wrapped Rice.

There’ll be a cruise along Khlong Huai Raeng through the protected palm forest. Yoga and walking in a tranquil mangrove forest of Kho Chang. A raw food demo with organic vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts that have been prepared without being cooking in a chemical-fee and high in nutrient value. Spa treatments, waterfalls and rain forests.

In Bangkok I’ll enjoy a half-day city jungle bike tour with with Spice Roads Cycle Tours, visit The Grand Palace and take a cruise by long tail boat along the Chao Phraya river. Also the Wat Arun and a trip to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, the Thai capital for 417 years and one of Thailand’s major tourist attractions.

Unusually, I’m not being last minute, already packed and ready to go well … Cannot wait!

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at #ThailandSA as we go. Thank you to Lesley Simpson Communications, so thrilled to be working with you again. Find out more at Amazing Thailand South Africa and the Thailand Tourism Board. 

Read about my trip to Singapore with Lesley Simpson here. And my Thailand experience here.

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