Indaba’s Travel Bloggers Conference. Why you should register and be there.

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#MeetSouthAfrica. – The ever evolving world of travel blogging is one I’m lucky enough to live and work in, it’s also one that brings many questions to the fore.

The INDABA Travel Bloggers’ Conference (#ITBC15) is one of the many events leading up to INDABA, giving players in the travel trade the opportunity to learn how blogging and interaction with travel bloggers can enhance their businesses as we unpack the changing face of destination marketing and the importance of personalised, user-generated content and social media engagement and its impact for the tourism trade.

The conference will take place on 8 May 2015 (the eve of INDABA), will be attended by local and international bloggers.

I’m very excited to be invited to speak there in the company of some of my most respected blogger friends, speaking about conscious travel and the things that make what we do extraordinary.

Tickets to the conference are going fast. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn more and share with us on the day. To register, click here.

Program of the Day as Below:

9:00am – Registration
9:15am – Welcome and Introduction presented by Fred Felton
9:30am – Bloggers, Influencers, Travel and your Bottom Line presented by
Whisky & Wanderlust
10:30am – Durban, we got this presented by Dane Forman and Andrew Carrie
11:30am – Local Bloggers Babes tell all presented by Kate Els, Natalie Roos,
Meruschka Govender and Dawn Jorgensen
12:30pm – @SouthAfrica on Instagram presented by Craig Rodney
1:30pm – Workshop: Content Marketing 101 presented by Kate Els
1:30pm – Beyond the basics by Damian Cook
2:30pm – Lunch

Please feel free to submit any questions you’d like addressed on the day. We have already noted the following for discussion:

– How do you choose a Blogger to work with?
– Should you pay Bloggers?
– What kind of value exchange could you use if you can’t pay a Blogger?
– What has your experience been with Bloggers, Bleggers and Blaggers?

Join the Indaba Travel Conference Facebook page to stay in touch.


The caricatures are by FOGG Agency. Great fun! The above is peace-loving me.

To follow the latest on the conference or if you’re attending and would like to tweet from the conference, use #ITBC15 on Twitter and Instagram.

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