5 Islands in Europe Perfect For Social Distancing.

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Europe is a continent that offers an all round holiday experience for tourists. I love the cities that are rich in history with buildings dating back 2000 years, and visiting them is an incredible experience.

From beautiful mountains to sandy coastlines, Europe harbours gorgeous sceneries that provide the perfect backdrop. The culture that is showcased in art museums and theatres is rich and nourishing, with tasty cuisines and diverse shopping areas. But beyond the mainland, there are islands that would be perfect to visit – especially in the era of social distancing,

Their natural beauty will fuel your senses – especially if you’ve been locked up as I have, and time there will educate, inspire and ensure that fun is had. Beyond the gift of visiting one of them are the thrilling activities such as sports, hiking, and skiing that you can partake in. Here are 5 beautiful islands in Europe that will make the perfect place for a long holiday.

Santorini, Greece

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Santorini is the place. With arguably the most remarkable sunsets, especially from Oia village. It is an incredibly photogenic place, especially as the sun lowers into the sea in shades of amber and gold. The building and unique landscapes offer stunning backdrops for photoshoots. The fish, seafood, and delicious wine are to die for. You can go on an excavation at Akrotiri or visit the ghost town of Mesa Gonia. Wrap up your experience in Santorini with some water sports. Whether you are into skiing, kiting, or banana boating, Kamari and Perissa are the two main water sports centers on the island that await you. Be prepared to climb loads of stairs, and don’t take the donkeys – that’s unnecessary cruelty.

Bozcaada, Turkey

Bozcaada is characterised by rocky cliffs along the coast, old Greek houses, historic ruins, and quiet coves. This destination is perfect for tourists who are looking for a peaceful and calm escape. The streets are full of peaceful people doing their own things. The sea seems to agree with the sentiment as it’s amazingly calm, clear and a bit cool. The beaches invite suntanning and swimming. It’s recommended that you have a car to move around, and that will also mean you can discover your own private cove and discover more of the island at your own pace.

Sicily, Italy

Need a winter getaway, this diverse island is famous for skiing. An island full of cultural and archaeological sites, luxurious beaches, great foods, and wine, and more. Sicily harbours several beautiful islands, each offering a unique experience. Lampedusa Island is known for its white sandy beaches and clear waters and offers the best swimming and snorkelling. Lipari is the largest and has popular hot springs. Stromboli is best for hikes to its summit and has an active volcano. If you are in for some mud bath, Pantelleria is the place.

Skye, Scotland

Skye is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Scotland. Packed with family-friendly activities, this is an ideal destination for families. The kids will love searching for fairies at the Fairy Pools or Fairy Glen. A visit to Dunvegan or a hike to Brother’s Point will leave them thrilled and excited. You can also take your family up the eerie Old Man of Storr for some great views. The island is rich in hiking trails. For more complex hikes, you can take The Skye Trail, The Trotternish Ridge, Sgurr Alasdair, or Bla Bheinn.  You can take pictures while on this trip and share this file with friends. Just make sure that you unzip files so it is easier to do so.

The Azores, Portugal

The Azores Island in Portugal has great weather all year round and has been high on my wish list for years. Good at any time of the year, the island has something for every kind of traveller. Ocean lovers will be amazed by the beautiful black sand beaches, diving, whale watching, and ocean pools. Nature lovers are treated to endless hiking trails, while adventurous sports enthusiasts get a taste of thrilling outdoor activities such as water sports and climbing. Foodies get the best experience with delicious foods and endless wine tasting. They can find a place to stay, with a good kitchen and unassembled kitchen cabinets where they can store this food. Lovers of history and archaeology are also not left behind as the island is packed with historic and archaeological sites.

Europe has something for everyone regardless of the kind of traveller that you are, and of the many European islands, these certainly deserve consideration.

Here’s to being able to travel to them safely and risk-free soon.

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