Greenpop Family and Friends Reforest Fest.

You can always tell an old soul by how friendly they are to trees.  The Greenpop Reforest Fest is fast approaching so get your tickets today. Only 4 days until Reforest Fest – Family Weekend 10-12 March and 11 days until Reforest Fest – Friends Weekend 17-19 March. There is limited space in the forest ad take it from me, you’ll want to be there.

From live performances to yoga and eco-talks, there will be activities and entertainment for all ages at Family Fest. Check out the full list of amazing artists & activities here.  Musical acts include Crosscurrent, Bam Bam Brown and DJ Pure. There will be a talent show and theatre shows hosted by MAfrika, TEDxCape Town talks, and arts & crafts stations. On top of that, you can participate in laughter and family yoga sessions, eco-workshops, forest walks and more. But lets not lose focus, the weekend allows you to help plant 8000 trees in the ancient Platbos forest and join Greenpop in one of the largest citizen-led reforestation projects in South Africa. Heartwarming and land greening.


Platbos Forest, situated between Gansbaai and Hermanus in the Overberg, is a very unique combination of old growth Afromontain Forest and Coastal Thicket Species forming a stunning and magical pocket of rare and endangered vegetation. About a century ago, 20 acres of land located in the heart of the old-growth forest was felled and ploughed for potatoes. After the land was found to be unsuitable for agriculture in the 1940s, cultivation efforts in the area were abandoned and the area was overrun by invasive species.

In 2012, Greenpop began a collaboration with the Platbos Conservation Trust to begin the long term process of reforestation. Their efforts are focused in the pockets of alien vegetation that have penetrated the original forests borders. By combining alien vegetation clearing with a proactive planting regime, the project aims to bolster the original forest and stimulate and accelerate the regrowth of the original forest.

Greenpop plants a combination of pioneer and apex species in dense clusters to allow them the opportunity to shade out and out compete the invasive seed bank in the planting sites. The monitoring surveys show that while some of the trees have suffered during last year’s very hot and dry summer, the vast majority of the trees are surviving and becoming established.

“Your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated.
Your body is a forest – thick canopies of maple trees and sweet-scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood. You will grow back, no matter how badly you are devastated.”
~ Beau Taplin

Read about my Greenpop Reforestation Festival at Platbos Reserve experience and find my other Greenpop related posts – here.

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