JAIN’s Makeba production by Art Bridge brings us Africa.

South African Music. – I was just introduced to the recently released Makeba video by JAIN, a French singer-songwriter, which gives a really good creative look at beautiful Africa. 

The idea behind this project is a perfect embodiment of Art Bridge’s philosophy of aggregating talents from art and technology to create unique works that are expressions of curiosity and emotion. The collaborations are designed for a variety of forms, ranging from films and installations, events and experiences, social media content and applications. Allowing them to produce exceptional communication for brands to differentiate themselves, and to stimulate a conversation around its image.

Directors Greg&Lio of Quad Productions, saw “Makeba” as an ideal opportunity to work with different artists and asked Art Bridge to support them on this creative adventure. For this project, Art Bridge brought together internationally renowned french designer agnès b. who created two original dresses, Theperfectstorm, a Pantsula dance crew from Soweto (Johannesburg), renowned French street artist L’Atlas for the design of Jain’s sampler podium, and also features South African artists Karabo Poppy Moletsane and the street artist R1.

Each artist built a bridge that converged on this project, creating a unique piece of film art that inspires interaction. For Jain’s fans, this music video is not only marketing content, it’s also a way to discover her world, as well as different cultures, artistic expressions: What Jain is about.

I love it, I hope you do too.

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