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Johannesburg. – Whilst moving around the country in the company of the #MeetSouthAfrica team, taking in the best of the areas we visited and learning more about hidden gems and favourite places; I was literally bursting with SA pride.

During this ten day period I got to stay in six different hotels in four different places. Each with it’s own style and charm, I do wish I’d had more time to linger in each. Whilst in Maboneng it was The 12 Decades Art Hotel which chronicles the history of Johannesburg from 1886 – 2006. Each room pays host to a decade and is designed and conceptualised by a celebrated South African artist. I stayed in ’Perpetual Liberty, 1996-2006’, a particularly good time I think. Industrial, corrugated iron, naked bulbs as a fully equipped kitchen and endless couches and work shelves.

Located on the 7th floor of Main Street Life with a variety of restaurants, art, shops and attractions just downstairs, my double king size bed was located right in the window and the twinkling city lights saw me to sleep; whilst first light woke me to new exciting day.

Learn more about the different era’s, their designs and designers here.

Twelve Decades Hotel. Tel: 0861226787. Email: reservations@urbanhiphotels.com

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