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Kenya. – Meet Maxwell

He was found in 2007, aged about one years old, running around aimlessly in the Nairobi National Park. The elephant keepers who were out in the forest as usual with the baby elephants had heard the rhino crying and gone to investigate. There was no sign of his mother anywhere and the David Shedrick Wildlife Trust team brought him to the elephant orphanage for care, realising that he was blind and in great danger of predators. 

An assessment of Max’s blindness revealed that he was suffering from bilateral cataracts, and surgery was performed. But sadly it never succeeded in repairing his sight. He is therefore a feisty permanent resident at DSWT, as a bull rhino has to fight for territory and rank, and he couldn’t do so without being able to see his opponent.

He therefore remains very much a part of the family at DSWT and is full of character and curiosity when his large enclosure visited.

Read about my visit to the Elephant Orphanage here.

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