Take the Lion Longevity Oath with FOUR PAWS, and help Save Our Lions.

Four Paws Oath

Following on my recently published article – Bringing The Big Cats Home – that highlights the essential work being done by FOUR PAWS and Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary, I’d like to encourage you all to get involved with their Lion Longevity Oath and make a personal promise to help our lions.


It’s a sobering thought that more lions are held in captivity than can be found in the wild.

In the past few years over 7000 carcasses, 12000 trophy animals and more than 30 000 lion body parts have been exported to other countries from South Africa to fuel the big game hunting and lion bone trade.

With this reality, lions and other big cats in captivity are facing immense animal welfare issues. The number of captive-bred lions for canned lion hunting and the lion bone trade – to be used in traditional medicine, has nearly tripled since 2010. An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 lions are currently held in captivity awaiting their fate of exploitation for commercial purposes. 

The only way to stop the trade in lions is by removing all revenue streams, such as lion cub petting and walking with lion interactions, which both local and international tourists often take part in without realising the disastrous consequences.

Its time to ask yourself – which side are you on?

To this end, FOUR PAWS is calling on the public to commit to the Lion Longevity Oath and end all support of activities associated with this industry, as well as raise awareness of the lion trade and canned lion hunting.

You have the power to end the suffering through taking the Lion Longevity Oath and committing to responsible actions, which will better the lives of big cats and assist us in our efforts to put an end to the exploitation of these iconic animals. By signing you vow to:

  • Never pet lion cubs or walk with lions (interaction)
  • Never shoot a lion
  • Oppose cruel keeping conditions
  • Only visit ethical sanctuaries
  • Only visit national parks where lions can remain in the wild
  • Never use lions any products
  • Never support business from captive lion breeders
  • Support FOUR PAWS in raising the profile of lions

The time for serious change is NOW and FOUR PAWS wants to raise as many signatures for this campaign to present to the South African Government as possible, and use the support to continue consultation with the relevant departments in how these animals’ welfare should be put first, and how this abhorrent industry must be stopped in its totality.

What else can you do to make a difference?

In order to help raise awareness for this campaign, we ask you to consider 1) Signing the FOUR PAWS Lion Longevity Oath. 2) Share this on Social Media with a change of profile or cover pic, encouraging your friends to join the#LionLongevityOath, available here. 3) Sign up to the FOUR PAWS mailing list to become better educated in the cruel cub petting, walking with lions, breeding, canned hunting and lion bone for Traditional Chinese Medicine trade. 5) Become an activist by helping to spread the word.

Take the oath and make a contribution to show your support. Thank you for your support x.




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