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As a student, there’s no better way to spend those long holidays than exploring faraway destinations. If you’ve managed to save enough money to sustain yourself and don’t have work deadlines to worry about, you’re free to go anywhere the wind takes you and to sample as many cultures as you can.

For the best travelling experience as a student, you’ll need to find the time when flights are cheapest and when accommodation in your dream destination is most affordable for that shoestring budget. It is also important to check whether you’ll need a visa to be allowed in that foreign land of choice. Flight and hotel reservations will need to be secured before applying for your visa. Paying for a plane ticket and reserving hotel accommodation in advance is expensive and it is often better to book a dummy hotel reservation for visa purposes only. This reservation helps you get a visa and you’ll then be able to release it.

After that pack your bags. and head to one of these destinations.

Cuenca, Spain

This is your destination if you are a lover of magnificent buildings, or if you are studying architecture. This is one of the most impressive hidden gems in Europe with the city literally built on a rock, with houses seemingly dangling off the side of the rock. Cuenca is a UNESCO world heritage.


It doesn’t matter how small your budget is, you will find much to enjoy in this city state. The food is extremely delicious, with food halls selling dishes for as little as R20 or $2. Singapore restaurants were ranked the best on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list last year.

Cape Town, South Africa

There are many hiking trails in Cape Town that everybody needs to experience at least once. If you’re more of a laid-back traveller, there are stunning beaches to enjoy, including getting the rare chance of taking photos with African Penguins. If you are a history student, be sure to visit Nelson Mandela’s jail cell on Robben Island.

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Tikal Ruins, Guatemala

These ruins rank among the largest archaeological sites in the world. Once a capital of the Mayan Kingdom that ended around 1000 years ago. There are over 3000 buildings within the site, but about 70% of the city is buried underground. While there, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the incredible Guatemalan rainforest.

Machu Picchu, Peru

This is a sacred city. It was built 500 years ago but was abandoned within its first 100 years of existence. A great archaeological site to explore in Peru. It has a mysterious history that every student would enjoy learning and amazingly huge stone walls that is worthy of a climb. You will also learn a great deal of Spanish invasion and colonization in Peru as well as learn the history and culture of the indigenous Inca people.


This is another paradise that you should see, regardless of where you come from. Enjoy beautiful blue shorelines, awesome views of the Pacific, and a sea of palm trees.

Dunns River Falls in Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls & Park is one of the greatest attraction sites in the Caribbean. Now that you are young, take this chance to climb up the falls and watch as the water cascades beautifully down the 180 meters long fall.

The world has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. While you’re young and have free time, perhaps make a point of seeing something out of the ordinary. This list should offer some ideas of where to start.


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