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I was invited by MadagasCaT Charters & Travel and Fly Airlink to a heavenly experience of Island Hopping off Nosy Be. Starting with two nights at Sakatia Lodge, then three idyllic nights onboard the luxury catamaran Maki Cat, before two last treat nights at Madagascar and Constance Hotel Madagascar Ile de Tsarabanjina.

By the end of it I’d fallen even deeper in love with the ocean – not something I knew was possible – and it’s incredibly precious creatures. As well as this wild and beautiful land that has become to feel like a spirit home to me. Snorkelling, swimming, turtle spotting, walking barefoot on the white sand and finding true appreciation in this untouched piece of paradise. I highly recommend Madagascar to anybody wanting an African island holiday with a generous amount of untouched wilderness.

Take a look at the video captured as I went, as edited by Eden Weiss Videography.

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  1. I’m dreaming about waking up such a nice sea wiev for so long. Your sharing impressed me much. Ocean is very clear and nice. Madagascar would be nice choice to travel. Charter tours is incredible. Thanks for sharing this post.

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