Three Ways to Make Your Savings Go Further. Some Financial New Years Resolutions.

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As you work through life, earning a salary over many years, your instinct will be to put some away in the bank. You want a little cushion of cash in case you face hardship in the future – and it’s a little security that will guarantee you some peace of mind. But leaving cash in the bank is actually one of the worst ways to save cash because it will accrue little extra value.

This guide is about alternatives to that default option of saving, showing three ways to make your savings go further in 2022. And I’m going to try them.


When you think of making your savings grow, you’ll naturally think of investments. It’s via investments that you can profit off the cash you earn, saving more money over time as the companies that you invest in grow and become more powerful and wealthy. But investing isn’t simple and can result in you losing money, so it’s important not to rush into it.

Indeed, there are enough horror stories of people betting their homes on a company that eventually goes bankrupt to put you off investing for life. So if you’re new to stocks and shares, it might be preferable to buy stock options in a raft of companies – helping you avoid the risk of a one-off investment plummeting in the future.


Another way to spend your cash that will protect your financial future is to purchase several insurance policies. These will constitute monthly or annual payments, but they’ll help you mitigate the bad times. If you crash your car, for instance, insurance will help you get back on the road. If your home is burgled, insurance will pay for the theft and damage.

And if you lose your health or even your life, insurance policies will help your loved ones remain financially stable. You can look up the average life insurance cost online to check whether this is something that you can afford to invest in – making your finances more secure in the future. Insurance is a smart investment for those who wish to avoid financial disasters if and when they occur.

Building Assets

We’ve already talked about stocks and shares – the typical investments that you’ll call to mind when you’re thinking of what to do with your cash. But the alternative is to invest in assets – things like houses, cars, paintings, or even NFTs. These tend to accrue value just as stocks do, and they can be considerably more useful too.

Choosing which assets to buy should take your time and consideration. Buying a home is a big step in your financial life, and you should ensure that you’re buying in a location that you can be sure won’t lose attraction in the future. It’s the same with cars or paintings: you need to be selective to guarantee that your investment in your assets will be bountiful instead of a waste of your cash.

Make your savings go that little bit further, investing in a happy and prosperous future with the tips outlined above.

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