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South African Tourism recently invited four international Instagrammers to MeetSouthAfrica and learn more about Nelson Mandela’s inspiring Long Walk to Freedom and explore the country through their distinct cultural lenses. For style @blakevond, design @dabito, travel @CestChrisitine, and for yoga and wellness the @gypsetgoddess​. These are the videos that tell the story of their impressions and discoveries.

Finding Inspiration in South Africa with Dabito

Meet Dabito, a graphic designer, photographer and colour enthusiast. Watch as Dabito falls in love with the vibrancy of South Africa and its people. From facing his fears and taking a leap of faith at the Orlando Towers in Soweto, to meeting a Cape Town designer whose work he’s always admired, Dabito’s experiences in South Africa will change his work—and his life—forever.


Savoring South Africa with C’est Christine

Meet Christine, a lifestyle and travel blogger based in New York City. Ever since learning that her mother almost studied abroad in South Africa, Christine has had a fascination with the country—and a desire to travel there. Watch as Christine finally gets her chance to go on safari, learns about the tradition of South African wines and discovers the perfect recipe for city living in Cape Town.



Following Madiba’s Journey Through South Africa

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Mandela

Watch as Dabito, Christine, Caitlin and Blake travel through South Africa on Madiba’s Journey, from his childhood home to the site of his capture and his prison cell on Robben Island. During their travels, the four learn more about Nelson Mandela’s inspiring Long Walk to Freedom and come to understand his legacy through the stories of the South Africans he continues to inspire.



Finding Human and Spiritual Connection with Gypset Goddess

Meet Caitlin, the Gypset Goddess. This traveling yogi seeks new friendships everywhere she goes, so connecting with the people of the Rainbow Nation was an experience in itself. From hip locals at a Soweto market, to traditional South African healer Dr. Elliot Ndlovu and Cape Town Instagrammers, Caitlin found a country full of people that are happy, laid-back, and love life. Watch as Caitlin learns the true meaning of #MeetSouthAfrica, one handstand at a time.



Exploring Style and Culture in South Africa with Blake Von D

Meet Blake, a personal style blogger who dresses well no matter the occasion – even when that occasion is bungee jumping from Orlando Towers in Soweto. In South Africa, Blake had the opportunity to explore township street culture, shop local fashions, and embark on Madiba’s Journey over two inspiring weeks. Through her travels, Blake found a sense of familiarity in the warm and welcoming locals and discovered a country full of adventure, fashion, and rich heritage.



These personal impressions of our beautiful country reiterate that travellers are increasingly seeking out destinations rich in cultural history, as well as experiences that create deeper education and meaning in life. I have no doubt that this series will entice young travellers to head our way …

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