Mekong Delta. A fruit grower. Dragon fruit to Durian.

Vietnam. – All the time watching the floating market trading made me wonder where all the farms were, where is the fresh produce actually being grown. My guide took me to a local farmer on the banks of the Mekong river to find out.

In the rain we walked through the small patch of land that supported a large extended family. We can really learn from this system of polyculture method of growing, much better for the ecosystem and offers a diversity of product for sale. Here it was dragon fruit, pineapple, lotus flowers, mangosteen, banana, durian, pomelo, mango and papaya.

Lotus Flowers, the National pride. 

Below Dragon Fruit. Incredibly tasty creatures. I wonder if we could try and grow them here?

Durian. A smelly fruit that I couldn’t quite get my head around. Very recognisable as you climb into a taxi or walk down a street, and can tell at first whiff who’s been snacking on their spikey fruit.

Jackfruit. Similar looker but better taster.

Coconuts. Nobody should be asked to live without them.

It’s interesting how few people have seen pineapples growing. A beautiful fruit, seeing them this way instills further respect.

This farm, and many other farms and restaurants that I saw in the area, had small dams that they kept fish in. I imagine that the fish aren’t actually bred here, but rather kept fresh in this way. Although on this little farm I’m not too sure. Here I am walking the plank to take a closer look.

After the tour we took shelter in the little restaurant where fruit from the farm was on sale. Three generations working side by side serving up whatever we wanted. Incredible offering. I settled for extra dragon fruit and mangosteen, fruits not available at home.

The group that I was on the tour with, enjoying some conversation over our generous portions of fruit. Australia, Holland, France and South Africa representing.

Below, one of the ladies washes the dishes with water pumped from the river. Such simplicity, yet so effective.

Loving the facilities on offer, pretty darn functional actually!

For more on my special time in Vietnam click on the link.

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