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Home More Sustainable

It can be tricky to come up with a place to start when beginning your eco-friendly journey. The challenge seems so huge that attempting to tackle it as an individual can understandably be daunting. However, there are plenty of small changes around that can help protect the environment. Here are just a few.

Rethink Your Energy

Adding solar panels to your home is a great start to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Where our energy comes from has a huge impact on the planet as a whole, which is why it is so crucial to consider more sustainable alternatives such as solar power, wind power, and tidal power. Unlike oil and coal, these are much less harmful to the environment.

Grow Your Own Food

The capacity to grow your own food is incredibly satisfying and liberating. It requires patience and dedication, but you will be rewarded not only with delicious home-grown produce but also a sense of independence. Find out which seeds to plant and how to care for them as they grow. Remember that pests can threaten the safety and viability of your product, especially if grown organically. Make sure you have a secure patch of land to grow on by designating a section of your yard and protecting it. Search for fence companies near me to find ways of dividing your space and research the least harmful pesticides to keep your plants safe without further damaging the natural ecosystem.

Reduce Waste

Food waste is a huge dilemma across the world. The resources that go into mass agriculture and producing food are wasted every day when much of that product isn’t even eaten. Try to be more conscious of how much food you are buying and how long it will last before using it or discarding it. Learn to store food properly to maximize its longevity and only cook as much as will be eaten. If possible, use food waste to add to your compost heap and help to maintain a positive cycle. Switch to vegetarian, and even plant-based if you can.

Insulate and Ventilate

If you live somewhere cold, a poorly insulated home is not sustainable either environmentally or financially due to the wasted energy emanating from the building. Similarly, if you live in a warmer location, poor ventilation means you are more likely to turn on an air conditioner and use an excess of energy. By optimising your home with better insulation and ventilation, you can avoid overspending and wasting energy. It’s healthier too.

Home More Sustainable

Choose Purchases Wisely

Often in our attempts to become more environmentally conscious, we focus on the afterlife of our belongings – whether or not they can be recycled or repurposed how long the material will take to biodegrade. It’s also important to consider how our belongings are made before they get to our homes. Avoid supporting stores that unethically produce their stock either by mistreating workers or exploiting the natural environment. There is an emerging awareness of these concerns, and more sustainable companies are coming to the forefront. Look for ethically and sustainably made furniture and objects whenever possible.

There are many ways to be better, this is an easy way to start.

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