Five of the Most Scenic Camping Destinations for the Nature Lover.

There are plenty of places to go camping around the world, but what are the most scenic destinations? That is one of the questions that campers ask around the campfire when swapping stories and talking about the different places they’ve been to. Here are our picks of the five most scenic camping destinations to visit.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

The Corcovado National Park is a nature reserve within the Osa Peninsula designed to protect the varied ecosystem here. It benefits from considerable biodiversity, which will be fascinating to campers interested in the topic. There’s a mix of hiking trails, tranquil camping spots, beaches, forests, swamps and everything in between you could hope to find. This is your rainforest adventure and the snaps you can take while there aren’t going to disappoint. Be sure to pack the right tent for a comfortable night outdoors. It most definitely must be waterproof to handle the variable rainforest weather, which can change quickly.

Camping Village Simuni, Pag, Croatia

The Camping Village takes the stress out of the camping experience. The site requires a short boat ride from Prizna and then you’ll be on Dalmatia, an expansive island with plenty to explore beyond the campsite. This family-owned and run campsite has a restaurant, a separate pizzeria, plus beach volleyball setup, tennis courts and a wall for climbing for the truly adventurous. You won’t get bored here.

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

Camping at several thousand meters up, you get a very different view of the world. The Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador is not only an active volcano but also only has one peak in the whole of the country that’s higher in elevation. There’s plenty of camping available with incredible views in the park. The trekking is, of course, without question a highlight. For a special kind of camping in an impressive location, it’s hard to beat the Cotopaxi.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Positioned just 75 miles away from Washington, anyone located in this part of the U.S. can easily make the pilgrimage to Shenandoah National Park. Here you’ll find a section of the Appalachian Trail to hop onto – just over one hundred miles of it, but who’s counting? Also, what comes become apparent to people who choose to camp here is the overall peacefulness in this part of Virginia. The area is replete with waterfalls both large and small and plenty of trails to go hiking along to burn some calories in between camp-side meals.

Sardinia, Italy

Whilst Sardinia is known for being one of the more expensive places in Italy, few people realize that there’s camping in this European enclave of the rich and famous. In fact, there are 42 campsites in all, so you have a great deal of choice. Camping is a chance to make the unaffordable affordable once again and tick Sardinia off your bucket list.

If you’ve been to Europe or even Italy before, Sardinia is different again. It’s self-governed and takes some of its influences from Africa, which it’s nearer to than Italy. The local people are independent and proud to be so too. They also produce and sell a sumptuous selection of locally made cheeses in the many small towns dotted around the island.

Narrowing the choices of camping down to a few places around the world isn’t easy. Each person has their own interpretation of natural beauty and what ticks all the boxes for one person doesn’t necessarily do so for their partner. If you’re travelling as a group or with a loved one, learn a little about the country and city before booking it. This way, it is certain to meet – or exceed – your expectations for all the right reasons.

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