My Faithful to Nature Travel Essentials and a Chance for you to Win.

It was fortuitous conversation with a friend about where best to buy eco friendly and cruelty free products that introduced me to Faithful to Nature, an online store that ethically sources quality products that are first and foremost, kind to the environment.

Since then I’ve become a regular supporter of their feel good range of products, hopping onto their easy to navigate online store when I’m running low on toiletries and household cleaning products, to take advantage of their special offers – and free delivery.

As a self-proclaimed conscious travel with a deep love for the world, I feel strongly it is as important to apply the same consciousness to the products we use at home, on our bodies and in our gardens, as we do in our choice of destinations.

I made the commitment to use (almost) only earth friendly products over a year ago and have transitioned there slowly, not wanting to counter my positive action by wasting what I already had in stock. So as an item has finished, be it shampoo or toothpaste or washing up liquid, I’ve replaced it with something ‘green’ and organic that honours the cruelty free not tested on animals policy. The products that we choose to buy and use have a massive impact on the health of every creature on our planet, including our own, and it’s important to make the right decision.

As a vegetarian it made no sense to be avoiding meat, yet finding gelatine and animal products in the makeup and beauty products I used, and toxins in my household cleaning products.

That said, I couldn’t always find products to fit this criteria and was often frustrated that earth friendly items were not more readily available. Until my serendipitous introduction to Faithful to Nature, a platform that has a personal relationship with the products they sell, supports local businesses and has become my got to place for goodness.

I do my best to tread lightly on our world.

Each and every one of the products in their wide product offering has been carefully scrutinised to ensure that they are genuinely as safe and as natural as they claim to be. They also enclose full ingredient lists of all products sold on the organic shop and are educating through their free shopping guide that lists what is safe, and what isn’t.

My faithful to nature travel essentials.

All this in mind and ahead of World Environment Day on 5 June and World Ocean Day on 8 June, I was invited by Faithful to Nature to order some travel items from them, things I never go without when packing my bags. Jumping at the opportunity, I stocked up on the must have essentials I never go without.

1. The Lavender and Cucumber Day Cream & Lavender and Chamomile Night Cream are just the right size at 50ml to make it through the International airline regulations. A Simply Natural Everyday 20SPF Sunscreen, wherever I’m going and Simply Natural Body Scrub to give my skin a glow after days of being on the road. I’m such a believer in scrubs, but they must be sugar or salt based that just dissolve and not micro beads that get into the ocean and poison the fish.

2. I don’t normally have a dry skin, but the more I travel and with 40+ flights on my calendar each year, my skin does take a beating. This Just Pure Trial Kit Anti Aging is perfect for slipping into my bag, and when they’re empty, I can simply top them up, making sure I’m always carrying some skin love on long-haul flights and even road trips. A fabulous option for all dehydrated skin.

3. I have had cold feet on more planes than I can remember and always have a good pair or warm socks in my hand luggage. These bamboo socks from Sexy Socks are fun, eco-friendly and created to benefit the underprivileged children of South Africa. For every pair you buy, a pair of school socks will be donated by Sexy Socks to a child attending one of the country’s township schools. Brilliant really. I opted for the sailor stripes, hoping I’ll get to wear them on a boat one day soon.

4. Every travelling girl needs a decent pair of leggings with just the right amount of firmness and stretch, and these Boody full length leggings are perfect as yoga gear, under skirts and dresses and for long flights. I’m already wearing mine and they are so comfy and silky soft. Best thing is they’re made from sustainable bamboo and of course, socks speak of comfy.

5. Another item not shown here, yet always in my overnight bag or suitcase, is the Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum. A precious natural skin serum formulated to help turn back the clock – a girl can dream. The mix of oils protects, hydrates and regenerates and I apply generous amounts to my skin each travelling night before I go to bed. The liquid gold feels like butterfly kisses on my face, it smells incredible and I always have it in stock.

Going green does not mean a compromise on quality

You don’t have to compromise on luxury and choice when you start using natural and organic products, nor do you have to spend any more money. Whether you are looking for face masks; organic pumpkin seeds; vegan nail polish, gluten free flour, a yoga mat or compost bin, you’ll be sure to find it on the online store.

Faithful to Nature are also one of the first companies in the world to created a strict ingredient policy that they absolutely never compromise on, so you can trust they have done the homework we may not always have the time to do. They have decided to focus on what they’re good at and only sell their select products online. That way they can serve the whole country without the overhead of running shops. Best of all, delivery is free if your order value is over R350 and quite often I order the one day, and it arrives the next.

Founded in 2007 with the express purpose of helping to lighten the toxic load on our bodies and precious Earth, they’ve stayed true to their mission to provide an ever-expanding array of natural products to help celebrate our choice to live greener lives.

Win and shop with Faithful to Nature

Stand a chance to win a R500 Faithful to Nature gift voucher by commenting on my blog or social media, telling me what product you would buy to take on your travels. Click here for more info and to look through the products.

If you aren’t the lucky winner, do sign up as a client and get a R100 discount and join me in shopping with your heart where it needs to be. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It’s time we started thinking more about the things we use on ourselves, and in our homes.

Some of the things to look out for when shopping for yourself, your body, your home and your garden.

*With thanks to Faithful to Nature for the service you offer, and for this opportunity to collaborate. But mostly for making it easier for us to buy what is right.

**** And the winner is – Faithful to Nature competition winner.

  1. I love the Just Pure range and I would definitely take the facel balm , it’s one of my favourites. Great for giving your skin the moisture it needs when traveling . I love their sample kits ,such a great size for traveling . What a win 🙂

  2. Firstly the Hey Gorgeous Gorgeously Natural Sunscreen, cause I never leave home without it and secondly, the Boody Bamboo Ecowear Full Leggings cause comfort is key.

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