MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. Ever wondered where the funds go to? #MySchoolGiving






MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. – This personalised and generous delivery of a giant ginger heart cookie and Christmas decorations, marked my inclusion in the #MySchoolGiving campaign.

I’ve had a MySchool card since they first came out and feel a great sense of satisfaction each time I approach a counter at Woolworths, or at one of their affiliate partners, and I present it with payment to be swiped – and points accumulated. As I’m sure is true of many of you. Yet have you ever wondered where the funds collected really go?

Where does the money go?

In the last fiscal year the MySchool My Village My Planet program raised R70 319 673.21 for a range of preferred schools, charities and conservation organisations.

Animal causes are a great favourite of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cardholders with an array of welfare and conservation organisations receiving significant funds through the fundraising channel. Over the last fundraising period the National Council of SPCAs received R326 107.74 while just over R1 million was raised for regional societies, Sandton SPCA, Tshwane SPCA, Cape of Good Hope SPCA and Alberton SPCA, as well as the SPCA’s of Kloof, Durban and Amanzimtoti.  

The programme is as effective at raising funds for the lesser known more localised animal welfare organisations and in the same time period raised R147 701.78 for the Highveld Horse Care Unit in Vereeniging; R92 929.62 for the CartHorse Protection Association operating on the Cape Flats and R272 086.33 for False Bay’s TEARS, The Emma Animal Rescue Society.

Protecting the country’s dwindling Rhino populations is a wildlife cause that is top of mind for many South Africans, and shoppers raised a whopping R2 483 344.39 for the MyPlanet Rhino Fund, which is managed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Children’s charities are popular MyVillage beneficiaries. The Red Cross Hospital, once a pioneer and now a stalwart of modern paediatric care is well-supported across the country and received almost R200 000.00 in the latest fundraising period, with money going to numerous other smaller beneficiaries.

All this and much more, has been made possible by the 1.2 million SA customers who choose to give back as they shop. MySchool cardholders can nominate up to three beneficiaries and swipe their cards every time they shop. The retailers make contributions on behalf of cardholders based on a percentage of their spend, which is then distributed to the schools, charities or conservation bodies of their choice, at no additional costs to the shoppers.



When I was contacted by #MySchoolGiving and offered the opportunity to donate R2500.00 to one of their 6 nominated charities, I was very moved. Not only is money being collected day in and day out for numerous charities around the country, but here I could make a large donation to one of them.

Those listed are:

Make a Difference Leadership Foundation – mentorship programs
Funda Nenja – deworming and de-fleaing pets
Project Dignity – Sanitary packs at school
Shark Spotters – education beach safety
– Thohoyandou Primary School – educational resources
The Society for Animals in Distress – towards the sterilisation of animals

My Donation Goes to The Society for Animals in Distress.

I have selected the Society for Animals in Distress and the funds will be specifically allocated to the sterilisation of 25 domestic animals. As much as I admire the work by all the charities put forward and recognise their needs, I could see something tangible in this act and stopping in some way the cycle of unwanted pregnancies and more puppies and kittens needing good homes.

The Society for Animals in Distress provides professional veterinary care and education within marginalised communities. Their formal education programme, launched in 2003, is welcomed in all primary schools within the areas of their operation and is embraced by over 14 000 children per annum. Coupled with the education programme their para-veterinarians deliver peer education to every client.

It is estimated that each schoolchild impacts 6 adults with their learning experiences while the peer educators engage with a minimum of 40 adults per day. The reinforcement of animal care education within community homes has seen a decline in the common conditions found in animals that are related to poverty. Early identification of illness or notification of animals in distress by the community has significantly reduced rehabilitation costs.

Growing human awareness of animal needs and the accessibility of our services ensure that preventative primary veterinary care is sought after and accepted as essential to improved community health. Learning to love, feed, clean and care for an animal and accepting responsibility starts at a young age.

Their mobile unit work within communities provides primary veterinary care; namely, de-worming, vaccinations, tick and flea control and first aid where possible.  This engagement with the communities initiates a life-long relationship of trust.

How you can help. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.


My Charity of Choice

Over a year ago I switched my charity of choice from a local school to the Wellington SPCA. They do amazing work and I know they need support to help with their animal rescue and care in the area. Also, I like the idea of keeping things local – and love animals – and can actually see the difference the contribution is making at their facility. Every time I swipe, my heart feels happy that a small contribution is going their way.

How it all works

For schools and non-profit organisations across the country, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has become an important fundraising partner making a much-needed contribution to the on-going funds they need to carry on their vital work.  Shoppers get the opportunity to support the causes they care about, whether that’s improved education, a better society or a more sustainable planet.

“Every year it’s a delight to see how cardholders, schools, charities and businesses are working together to make every swipe count,” said Pieter Twine MySchool’s General Manager. “We have become one of the country’s biggest community fundraising programmes that enables South Africans to make a difference, just by shopping. Well done to SA shoppers for playing your part!”

Before the start of your Christmas and holiday shopping, sign up for your free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card online at and select up to three schools, charities and conservation organisations you would most like to support.  Swipe your card every time you shop at a range of participating retailers including Woolworths, Bidvest Waltons, Engen Foodstops, Flight Centres and one of South Africa’s biggest online stores

The History of the MySchool Program

‘The MySchool fundraising programme was established on 30 September 1997 by a Johannesburg based parent who wanted to help his child’s school raise more funds in an easy and sustainable manner. Registered under the company name “Virtual Market Place”, the MySchool programme soon became a popular fundraising tool in many schools. The little entrepreneurial business grew from strength to strength.

Woolworths became the programme’s main partner and later bought the whole business, with MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet became part of the Woolworths Group of Companies.

The programme began as a fundraising programme solely focused on providing individuals with the opportunity to support their local School every time they shopped, but expanded to assist “Villages” and “Planets” around 2007 due to the vast and growing need in South Africa, hence the programme is now called MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.’

To sign up for a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card find the form hereand connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too. Their monthly newsletter is always heartwarming and offers an overview of money collected collectively, as well as a breakdown for your chosen charity.

Imagine, with every simple swipe you’re making a significant difference.

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