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Travel Massive is a global community focused on connecting travel leaders, innovators and creatives to collaborate and share ideas on a local level, bringing together leading travel brands, bloggers, startups and travel insiders. Founded and headed up by Ian Cumming, as Chapter Leader of Travel Massive Cape Town, I have hosted events at the Aquarium, with helicopters, top hotels, on privately owned yachts and in museums and forests.

I started Travel Massive with Simon Lewis in Cape Town 4,5 years ago, and over the years have been moved by how the community has grown and how the members have supported my and founder Ian Cumming’s vision to unite the members. But it is now with a rather heavy heart and after much deliberation, that I will be stepping down as Chapter Leader.

Over the years I have made invaluable contacts, and countless friends and built a network of colleagues that I’ll carry with me into the future. Not to mention all the opportunities that Travel Massive has brought my way both personally and professionally at The Incidental Tourist Travel Blog.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you and encourage you to get behind Fuad and Lyle as they take the Cape Town chapter into the next exciting era. I’ll still be here to support, and remain a faithful and loyal member of Travel Massive.

Travel Massive Cape Town

Regularly voted one of the best travel destinations in the world, Cape Town is alluring from the moment you catch that first glimpse of Table Mountain from the sky, fast inviting you to discover more of what is on offer. The main attractions, Atlantic Seaboard, natural beauty and beaches, surrounding Winelands and V&A Waterfront never fail to inspire and the city bowl offers a sense of true living in this hip and cosmopolitan African city that holds the hearts of many.

Travel Massive Cape Town invites people working in the travel sector to meet in person, to network on a regular basis and build relationships that will help develop the latest insights and trends into travel, all with the focus on responsible tourism as we promote this diverse and wonderful Mother City.

Moving Forward with Travel Massive Cape Town

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life” and that is certainly applicable to Travel Massive Cape Town right now. We have extended a warm welcome to Fuad Peters as the newly appointed Cape Town Chapter Leader who will lead up Cape Town with alongside Lyle Scritten.

Many of you met Fuad at our #HoutBayVibez event, but by means of an introduction, Fuad was born and bred in Cape Town. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to live here until he discovered the travel and tourism industry, and now almost 17 years later – and after many years with Cape Town Tourism, he loves Cape Town more than words. A true and passionate Capetonian, he has built a successful career around sharing and promoting the best of the mother city.

Most of the time Fuad is working on developing the tourism industry and helping to promote it on all platforms, whether online, face to face or at events. He displays a keen sense of entrepreneurial spirit and looks at how best he can connect the various links in making things work in the end. ‘Authentic, real and cultural heritage’ are key things that he enjoys being involved in, and given the chance, he will make sure you get to know about it.

His dream is to travel the world, but one of the main destinations he’d like to visit if given the opportunity, is Indonesia, to discover and uncover a big part of his own heritage. If you would like to know more, you can follow him on social media at @fuadpeters to see what he gets up to.

Linda Markovina of Moving Sushi who has stood by my side over the past couple of years as Chapter Leader, running events, managing online membership and being all round superhero, is about to embark on her greatest adventure yet – that as a mother, with a subsequent move to Zanzibar to set up a new home with her MIke. With this, she’ll be resigning from her role and will be missed.

A word of thanks to the Travel Massive Cape Town community

I have no words for how valuable this has been for me. Working with a dynamic team, feeling a sense of community as I play a role in building one. It took me out of the isolation I was used to working in and brought me into contact with the most incredible people. It changed my perspective and gave me a sense of belonging. Plus, there’s nothing more rewarding than ‘seeing’ people connecting and knowing good things will come

Be A Part Of Something Massive.

Travel Massive is a global community focused on connecting travel leaders, innovators and creatives to collaborate and share ideas. Join the Travel Massive community at TravelMassive.com and join the group at Travel Massive Cape Town in order to keep in touch with all details.

I was interviewed by Holly Galbraith for the Travel Massive series of podcasts, talking about my background in travel, my blog and role as one of the Cape Town Chapter Leaders. Listen to Travel Massive Podcast Series Episode #5 – Travel Blogger And Writer Dawn Jorgensen Chats With Travel Massive and read some of the blog posts on Cape Town: Travel Massive articles over the last years.

PIC: This is Linda and me in Watamu, Kenya a few years ago, in the back of the tuk-tuk on one of the many trips we’ve shared together. Heading up Cape Town with you Linda has been that ride every day and I love you for it xx. Here’s to new adventures for all of us. My love, heart and appreciation to all at #TMCapeTown always.

Travel Massive

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