Nieu Bethesda. By donkey cart.

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Nieu Bethesda. – I love donkeys, such sweet animals. I actually adopted one years ago called Sheila, who lives at the McGregor Donkey Sanctuary. Which means that I can’t resist the temptation to stroke and talk to them. When I met Jacob and his two, Velles aged 8yrs and Fieland aged 22yrs, I was very happy to be taken on a donkey cart tour of Nieu Bethesda.

Let it be known that I am very at home on a donkey cart.

Jacob is an enthusiastic guide with a real love for his friends and companions, Vellies and Fieland. We did a full tour of the village, him pointing out the various buildings, history, new ownerships, Fugard’s residence and where best to shop and eat. Great fun and excellent value at only R50.00 per person. You will find them outside the Owl House.

Kisses whilst resting in the shade between rides.

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