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Nieu Bethesda. – I’ve always said I couldn’t live more than half an hour from a fabulous coffee shop, a reasonable requirement with the desire for proper coffee ever on the increase. To quote Terry Winship of The Ibis Lounge – ’Life is too short to drink bad coffee.My kinda girl!

Offering more than 20 types of hand selected coffees, served exactly as your whim will have it, this local hot spot is evident to the change in local travel that is bringing the hip and the cool, off the beaten track for heart felt exploration. Yet they wouldn’t want to compromise on quality or miss out on a fab cappuccino.

Which is where Terry comes into play. Having spent a year travelling around the world with her 10 yrs old daughter Indygo, they settled in Nieu Bethesda with the express purpose of serving wonderful food and excellent coffee. A strong local following has them open seven days a week from 8am-8pm, offering burgers, pitas, steaks, pasta and curry.

‘Coffee aficionados get their fix with a choice of cappuccino, latte, Americano, mocha or espresso – the range is selected from around the world, strong and bitter, sweet medium and mild aromatic roasts to suit nearly every taste.’




Meats are sourced locally and served with organic veggies from the garden, with their Slow Sundays that offer guests a slow roast every Sunday from 1pm even popular.

Sticking to their slogan – Shop. Eat. Sleep – the Karoo-themed gift shop has a variety of handmade South African artisan goods. As well as pottery, clothing, art, soap, t-shirts, sweets, glassware, etc. The Tutu dolls are the best!


I will be returning in March for a weekend in one of their beautiful rooms and will post more thereafter. Always good to have a treat to look forward to.


Contact Terry to be put on her mailing list for talks and events, from stargazing to gorilla trekking, this is a place that ever inspires. Terry Winship. Email: Tel: 082 442 3174

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