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Einstein said that ‘time is an illusion’ and he might have had the last year in mind when he reached that conclusion – given how time has been paused yet raced by.

Never a more precious commodity deserving of our appreciation and respect, I’ve taken to the joy of watch wearing as opposed to phone checking, as I navigate my hours and my busy days. Watch wearing has translated to less screen time, as I don’t get drawn into my phone and messages each time I peer at it, something that has been inevitable for me.

Now wearing a classically beautiful timepiece is what grounds me. The white face and minimalistic design of my Nordgreen Native White Dial with a Brown Vegan Leather navigate my days. The delicate slivers of silver that are the hands displaying the hour and reminding to be calm, to breath, to slow down.

I have realised in the past months that I don’t need a watch that I’m accountable to. One that counts my steps, regulates my heartbeat or reminds me of goals I’m yet to achieve. I have myself, and my app heavy phone to take care of that. I had one, the best of them, but I’ve let it go and the decision to do so was a good one.

Instead, I want the watch I wear to represent effortless, sustainable design and balance.

Gifted to me by Nordgreen in Denmark, this is one of two that I now own. About a month ago I received a mail from Copenhagen offering me the opportunity to choose a watch from their selection, which would be sent to me for review. Looking through the options on the site I chose two which I preferred, and they generously sent me both. The process was seamless and efficient, and they arrived in just days by courier service.

An online brand, Nordgreen has created a portal where we create our own watch and build it according to our preference.  Once honed in on the range of your choice, you have the option of selecting the colour of the watch face, the strap, the size, and viewing what your choice will look like before committing. It’s genius! Although all combinations are gorgeous, and committing to the right one is a struggle.

The two that I chose are the Native White Dial with a Brown Vegan Leather strap described above, and the Native Black Dial with a Mesh Gun Metal strap for evenings. They offer combination sets which ship with more than one strap, creating interchangeable options.

Above and below I have photographed the two that I created to order on their website. Selecting the colours, the size, the strap, the vegan components until I had a match that was just me. One of the easiest, most appealing and versatile aspects of their brand. I’m completely in love with both of mine, although the vegan leather-strapped white dial has become what I wear each day, the black dial and mesh for more special occasions.

Men and women are spoilt for choice and the pricing is very affordable. Worldwide shipping is free, delivery within 2-4 days no matter where you are and they carry a two-year warranty. Scandinavian elegance and brilliant, environmentally friendly design, it feels even better knowing what Nordgreen represents, and how their ethos is integrated into their style and incredible designs.



Nord for Nordic, Green for their commitment to the environment, the ethos of Nordgreen ties into my beliefs and speaks to my Danish acquired surname. Timepieces with a Cause.


Inspired by Danish values, Nordgreen is committed to sustainability. A reasonably new Scandinavian watch company, their designs are largely minimalistic with a straightforward approach to timekeeping.

Nordgreen Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded in 2017, Nordgreen is a Danish watch brand that is true to its roots. Two friends, Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt, initiated the project via a crowdfunding site, going on to build a brand that produces a functional collection of designer timepieces. They released their few collections via the crowdfunding site and theses were met with huge success. With headquarters in Central Copenhagen, Denmark, the company functions primarily via its online store.

‘In the Nordic region, there’s a strong connection to nature and its ability to endure the challenges of time. There is an inherent responsibility to social and environmental causes to improve life for all. In the Nordic region, sustainability is a way of life, creating useful and long-lasting solutions because it’s the right thing to do.’


A Conscious Choice for Watches

Nordgreen is one of the most sustainable brands not only in the watch industry but in fashion, in general. The company’s stand can be seen in all aspects of their business. Owners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt run the brand with consciousness. Designer Jakob Wagner further asserts his position in the design industry and Nordgreen stands out as an example of social and corporate responsibility others can learn more.

Brands with a global outlook are widely channelling their efforts towards sustainable practices for the better good of societies worldwide. Nordgreen is no exception – since the beginning of their journey onwards, they have been developing and improving their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives along with their timepieces and bringing change to the watchmaking industry. Read more about their sustainable initiatives here.

As a team, Nordgreen functions to create a customer experience that concentrates on the customer’s needs as well as a means to promote the sustainable values of the company. The company’s vision is to pioneer the next wave of responsible Danish design, to innovate and market responsible Danish design and lifestyle to the world.

‘The designs represent an aspect of life in Denmark. The collection reflects an ability to adapt to their customer’s busy routines and to be as versatile an accessory as required.

In the Nordic region, design adheres to a long tradition of creating a product to functionality suit the user for comfort and form that is aesthetically appealing. Nordgreen believes that in upholding this tradition, they also have an inherent responsibility to the community and environment. ‘What we did yesterday should be outdone by what we do today, and tomorrow we must move forward to ensure a lifetime for generations to come. We’re working to be the best alternative to not wearing a watch.’

Nordgreen’s vision is to be a sustainable watch brand that changes the way we view a timepiece. Which is exactly what has happened for me.

Read about Nordgreen’s ‌Charitable‌ ‌Deeds‌ in ‌2020‌.

The Essential Details

Nordgreen watches are a great minimalist brand. Their give back program and sustainable materials set them apart from the crowd. ‘Where a budget automatic watch fails in terms of accuracy, the Nordgreen watch flourishes with precision and excellent batteries’ – Nordgreen. More information at

Based in Copenhagen, Nordgreen created more than a mere watch.

I was gifted two watches by Nordgreen Copenhagen, who thought I’d appreciate the style and ethos of their products. In return, it is my great pleasure to speak out about their wonderful products and brand and to highly recommend them. There’s no better match of a timepiece for me – and I am grateful to Nordgreen for mine and I’m saving up for an Infinity.


** Pics of watches by me, others supplied off Nordgreen’s website.

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