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The Westin. – Together with my visiting Canadian friend Vivian Vassos, I joined The Westin Cape Town for an opportunity to Touch the Cape Town Skies at their first Full Moon Dinner.



Hosted in their premier ON19 Restaurant with it’s breathtakingly 360-degree views across the city, we enjoyed exceptional cuisine, delicious ’Avondale’ wines and the insights of Cape Town’s foremost astrologer Dianne Garven, after arriving to cocktails and a warm welcome by Executive Assistant Manager Michael Liffman and team.

We’d all given in our date and time of birth in advance and a personalised birth chart with our details awaited us. Diane talked us through the general interpretation of the chart before offering a personal and basic reading. She touched on such truths with me and I plan to book a full private reading.

All this with chatter among friends old and new, as the Full Moon rose over Cape Town and we could take turns at the telescope to appreciate it’s magnificence. This was the first of these events, with one planned each month and it truly was a unique and lovely way to spend the evening, being reminded of the influence of the moon and stars on our lives.

The table beautifully set for the night.

The Menu at our Full Moon Dinner:

Natural pickings – Organic baby vegetables and bocconcini with pistachio banga couda. Lamb fritters, Hay smoked beef and potted duck liver with fresh bread and onion marmalade

Satsuma and Soy glazed Salmon trout. Vanilla parsnip Puree, warm Bulgar wheat salad, coriander and fennel gremoulata, grilled baby onion, Honey and miso jus.
Charred Beef fillet. Smoked aubergine puree, bone marrow fritters, pickled baby beetroot, potato fondant, black cherry jus.
Spinach, feta and butternut Tortellini. Roasted pumpkin seeds, tomato concasse, truffle buerre noisette, cashew nut crumble and butternut gremoulata.

‘Milky Way’ – Coconut white chocolate and caramel milk chocolate truffles, date chocolate pudding, stratiatella ice cream.

Fromage – Honey and nuts.


The 3-course dinner was cosmically-styled by ON19’s Executive Chef, Anerith Smythe and superbly paired with the wines. With guests arriving at 7pm for pre-dinner drinks, the event is harmonised with the spectacular rising and flow of the full moon across the night sky.


Astrologer and host Dianne Garven.

The Full Moon Dinners will occur monthly with for the first dinner for the public on 23rd March, same menu as above but with a different wine selection. To make a booking please phone the Westin Hotel at 021 412 9999 and provide your full birth details.

What a lovely, eventful and rather enlightening night. To find out more directly from The Westin, please click here. The Full Moon dinner dates are as follows:

Mar 23rd – Aries/Libra | Apr 22nd – Taurus/Scorpio | May 21st – Gemini/Sagittarius | June 20th – Gemini/Sagittarius – this is a REAL Blue Moon, full moon occurs twice in the same signs. | July 20th – Cancer/Capricorn | Aug 18th – Leo/Aquarius | Sept | 16th – Virgo/Pisces | Oct 16th – Libra/Aries | Nov 14th – Scorpio/Taurus | Dec 14th – Sagittarius/Gemini | Jan 2017 12th – Capricorn/Cancer.

About a month ago I had the great pleasure of spending a night at The Westin Hotel, Cape Town. Read my review – The Westin Cape Town. An Opulent Urban Escape with a Most Heavenly Spa.

Connect with The Westin Cape Town on their Website | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookYouTube and keep an eye out for their specials and packages.

Thank you to Positive Dialogue and The Westin Cape Town for hosting us. All photos supplied.

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