Outdoor Hobbies to Centre the Nature Loving Enthusiast.

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Outdoor Hobbies

As a lover of nature, I’ve come to learn that having a hobby that allows me to step out into the great outdoors truly is the best therapy, especially when life throws those unpredicted challenges, stress and hurdles our way. Here are some outdoor hobbies that help us to reconnect with ourselves, breath deeply and find our inner centre.

Practising Yoga

Yoga in itself is important in boosting our mental, physical, and emotional health. Expert psychologists believe that its principal purpose is building strength, although it also helps create harmony and is known to build inner meditative reflections. Most of the sessions you will participate in during Yoga lessons include breathing exercises and assuming positions which are critical in helping you stretch, and flex the muscles across your whole body muscles. Moreover, the relaxation exercises you do in Yoga sessions help you reduce chronic pains, headaches, arthritis, and lower back pain, among others, which are likely to impact your sleep cycles negatively. Poor quality sleep predisposes us to more stress.

As a yogi who tries to practice daily, I can certainly attest to this.

Writing and Journaling

Can you remember the last time you put your thoughts to paper? Most types of writing can be instrumental in getting us back on track. Writing can take a lot of forms, and it doesn’t matter what you’re going to write or the time you’re going to write it – just open your mind and heart and let it all flow out. From expressive writing to writing personal journals and keeping a diary, physically engaging in the act of writing has been found to add benefits to the human body, and mind.

When you express your emotions through writing you get to heal faster physically. According to this report, if you write your feelings in the aftermath of an accident or gruelling experience, the physical wounds heal more quickly. Expressive writing also helps you gain a different perspective on the situation. It will help you to think about your condition differently. Finally, writing as a means of expressing gratitude, has been shown to lead to better sleep.

As a writer who puts my feelings, experiences and emotions to paper – in the proverbial sense – I can truly endorse this therapy. Also having these records to go back to, whether its a recollection of a journey taken, or a hardship overcome, is always good to offer retrospective persepctive on a situation.

Outdoor Hobbies

Hiking, Walking, and Kayaking

Recently I was prescribed Vitamin D by my doctor – ridiculous really as I live in one of the sunniest parts of the world and a stark reminder that it is crucial to find time to soak up some sun. Add to that time for the wind to blow in your hair and a healthy dose of time on the water and you’ll be winning. Hiking, walking, and kayaking bring lots of health benefits that include stress and mental relief. Hitting the trails also gives the body a good workout, something that will help you boost wellness, balance, and build sturdier bones and muscles. Kayaking is excellent for toning abs and muscles as you paddle across the waters too.

Beyond that, the bright, calm waters help manage stress and the motion of one foot – or paddle – ahead of the other, can be very meditative. If you’re driving to your favourite kayaking spot, be sure to get a good Kayak roof rack.

Outdoor Hobbies

River Rafting

As much as it is clear that physical exercise is a necessity for one to get centred, not all activities appeal to everybody. Apart from yoga and kayaking, you can also take on rafting. Research shows that making little accomplishments in exciting adventures like rafting lease us with a sense of accomplishment too. This is vital in boosting our self-esteem and building confidence.

In summary, despite any challenges that life may bring us, it’s always important to find something positive to lift the spirits, and these outdoor hobbies are certainly some of the ways to do just that. Try one of them, it might be just what you have been looking for.

Outdoor Hobbies


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