Exploring the Outdoors with my Dogs and Eukanuba, South Africa.

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Outdoors with Eukanuba

As a professional traveller and travel professional, I’ve found periods in my life when work took me away from home for extended periods of time, during which the thing I suffered most was leaving behind my beloved dogs Tuscan and Sienna Storm. Missing them terribly. This has meant that the past 21 months of being mostly grounded has brought an added gift to my life, the sheer joy of being with my dogs all of the time. 

Tuscan Storm, a 10-year-old Pitbull, has been my solid soulmate, confident and friend since the moment we met in September 2011. Sienna, at just 7 years old, is as bouncy and energetic a pup as she was on the day I met her at a rescue centre in Caledon, as a skinny little thing at just 6 weeks old. Sienna is completely in love with Tuscan, and our shared bond to each other is valued in every way. She’ll always be the baby and having the two of them balances my life. 

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. M.K. Clinton  

Given the long days, I spend behind my desk writing, nothing pleases us more than to round off our days with a long walk on the beach. Lucky enough to live in Bloubergstrand – from which the famed and iconic views of Table Mountain can best be enjoyed, our nearest beach stretches a few kilometres parallel to Marine Drive and the seaside promenade that draws walkers, cyclists, and skateboarders each day. 

Our routine is simple. Harnessed and on leads, one on either side fortifying the love I have for them, we walk the 2km stretch toes in the water, with them bouncing along the shoreline and chasing the surf, before turning around and doing the return stretch with the full view of Table Mountain before us. If the beach is too busy or the kite surfers are out in full force, we happily walk the path across the road.  With views and an inevitable breeze, it offers the three of us a most wonderful reset and we often pause to watch the waves rhythmically breaking, and the sun lowering on the horizon. 

Spending much time in Pringle Bay where my parents live, our second favourite beach is there, in the Overberg and on the opposite point of False Bay. Equally beautiful, much quieter, here Tuscan and Sienna can go off the lead and play in the waves as we go. It feels like heaven and is a gift I will never take for granted; their wellness, the setting, ocean living and the energy that the three of us gain from the exercise our brisk and wonderful walks give us. 

The breakaway from home is always inspiring as I breathe in the ocean in the company of my best friends. We’ve formed a welcome habit of sitting on the beach as the sun lowers over Robben Island, people watching, thinking, feet in the sand, my arms around each of them as we enjoy being stopped for a while. I know that dogs need love and attention, games and simulation, and I do my best to provide all of those but cannot emphasise enough how much I gain in return. Or the importance of their health and a balanced diet – something that Eukanuba gives them. 

Outdoors with Eukanuba

Unconditional love, long beach walks, some playing in the waves and healthy pups really are my happiness and my favourite way to ground my days. 

More about Eukanuba

Eukanuba is one of the top South African pet food brands and has a nutritional range that includes specific nutrition to suit all of life’s stages, pet size and activity levels. Eukanuba has been producing quality dog food for over 60 years and in that time its philosophy has not changed: Eukanuba feeds dogs the way nature intended them to eat, helping them look and feel their best at any age. 

Its range of healthy food for dogs includes options for pets at all stages of life and is tailored to dogs’ specific sensitivities, activity levels and breed size. Some of the benefits include healthier bones and joints, a stronger immune system, a healthier, cleaner mouth for those sloppy kisses. Healthy skin and coat, better digestion – which I noticed instantly with Tuscan, and energy that lasts all day. Animal-based protein is the number one ingredient and Eukanuba foods are not stuffed with vegetables or cereals, or other additives that don’t offer any nutritional advantage to your pet. High-quality protein from animal sources is the primary ingredient in Eukanuba pet food. 

Tuscan Storm on Bloubergstrand Beach. 

Tips for beach walking with your dog

Double-check that dogs are welcome on the beach and whether there are any restrictions regarding them being on a leash. I always have mine on one, unless the beach is near empty, as this keeps them safe and prevents them from doing harm to any bird’s nests or wild animals that might be seeking refuge in the dunes. Take water and a little fold-out bowl, don’t walk when it’s too hot as this will burn their little paws, and always have ‘poo bags’ to pick up the dog ‘poo’.  

Sienna watching the world go by on Pringle Bay Beach. 

The Essential Details

My dogs were struggling with their health and Tuscan had developed an allergy to the previous brand of food I was buying and had a painful upset stomach I struggled to get under control. The moment I moved him onto Eukanuba his system settled, and he was instantly stronger and regained his playful energy. Eukanuba fuels active dogs with their range of products. In my case, Tuscan and Sienna are on the ‘Medium Breed Adult Dog food and it’s working perfectly. Take a look at their various outlets or better still, jump online for home delivery. Not only is it affordable, but it’s great for your pet’s health too. 

Outdoors with Eukanuba

Ad disclosure. This post is sponsored is possible by Eukanuba.

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