Pangolin.Africa joins forces in effort to protect the most trafficked animal on earth.

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A unique collaboration that brings together conservationists, entrepreneurs and community members was launched in Cape Town on Thursday 26 September and I was lucky enough to be there.

Pangolin.Africa, Pip, The Stellenbosch Brewing Company and HANGAR49 have joined forces to raise awareness and funds for the protection of the most trafficked wildlife species on earth: the pangolin.

The collaboration was initiated by Janine Greyling, who founded the community initiative Pip in 2015 to create opportunities for the elderly to use their skills to produce hand-crafted accessories which are sold to supplement their social grant income. The project expanded to include a range of crocheted endangered species soft toys, and Janine expanded the beneficiaries of the project by donating a portion of sales from crocheted pangolin toys to Pangolin.Africa, a non-profit working to ensure the survival of the species.

Janine also linked Pangolin.Africa with the Stellenbosch Brewing Company. Founders Bruce and Karen Collins believe that beer can tell a story and bring people together over a collective cause. The brewery’s core values, which include respect and upliftment of nature and communities, made them an ideal partner for the collaboration. They have created a Belgian Wit beer called “Pangolin/Ietermagog” to profile the African Pangolin, with profits from the sale of the beer to be donated to Pangolin.Africa towards their conservation and rehabilitation work.

The launch of the collaboration was hosted by the wonderful people at the gourmet coffee roastery Haas Coffee and further supported by global sales outreach automation company HANGAR49, who commissioned and sponsored a pangolin painting on canvas by illustrator and storyboard artist Chip Snaddon. A second artwork – a pangolin drawing created for the occasion by illustrator, tattoo and nature enthusiast Marisa Noordergraaf – was donated by the artist and the two pieces were auctioned off on the night, with the proceeds again being donated to Pangolin.Africa.

Quoting director of Pangolin.Africa Toby Jermyn: “Pangolin.Africa is delighted to be involved in this very special collaboration, which aims to generate funds for the protection of the most trafficked animal on earth, while at the same time providing an additional income and greater sense of purpose for elderly, disadvantaged women of Pip. With the help of our partners in the initiative, we also hope to raise the profile of this very secretive and elusive species which many people have never even heard of.”

These adorable crocheted pangolins are available for purchase online at – mine now lives on my desk at home.

Watch the trailer: ‘The endangered Pangolin and the story of two men on a mission to learn more” and read my other Pangolin focussed posts.

About Pangolin.Africa

Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of the most trafficked wildlife species on earth: the African Pangolin. Through a three-pronged approach of Publicity, Participation and Protection, the organisation is working with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields to increase worldwide awareness of the species; gather data to contribute towards much-needed research, and implement protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground. Pangolin.Africa also plays an integral role in bringing together and supporting other individuals and organisations working in the pangolin conservation space in Africa and is a major production partner in the 2019 film Eye of the Pangolin. Visit to learn more and follow their progress on social media.

About Pip

Pip, the online accessories brand, is a sustainable crochet and knitting project with a mission to restore dignity, respect and life-affordability to pensioners on the social grant. This is achieved by creating opportunities for the elderly to use their wealth of sewing, crocheting and knitting skills to produce beautiful, hand-crafted designs that include blankets, cushions, potholders and toys. Pip is endorsed by the NOAH foundation, an NGO focussing on the elderly in the communities they work in. To find out more visit

About Stellenbosch Brewing Company

Stellenbosch Brewing Company is an award-winning family-run brewery and tasting room located on Klein Joostenberg Farm, in the heart of the historic and renowned Stellenbosch Winelands. They pride themselves on creating and brewing inspired beers for inspired moments, and describe the style of their brewing as New World, meaning that while they utilise only the highest quality, fresh and natural ingredients, with a healthy dose of respect for the heritage of traditional styles, they creatively adapt the brew to suit customers’ taste buds, lifestyle, diversity and climate. The business is driven by the core values of: Respect for nature and appreciation of its beauty, Respect for life and appreciation of its enjoyment, Respect for the community and their contribution to its upliftment. Learn more at Pangolin Wit beer is available at The Stellies Taproom located at the brewery on Klein Joostenberg Farm, and stocked in select bottle stores countrywide. To find your nearest distributor email

About HANGAR49

HANGAR49 is a sales outreach automation company, connecting sales teams to their desired prospects on a global scale. For more information visit

About Haas Coffee

Situated in the heart of Cape Town CBD, Haas Coffee is a gourmet coffee roastery, cafe and art gallery located in a hip space with a Victorian flair. They specialise in rare and exotic single-origin coffees. For more information visit:

The team of collaborating conservationists, entrepreneurs and the community for pangolins at the launch event. From left to right: Alon Lichtenstein (HANGAR49, Bruce Collins (Stellenbosch Brewing Company), Janine Greyling (Pip), Francois Irving (Haas Coffee), Catherine Ritchie and Toby Jermyn (both Pangolin.Africa).

For more information connect with Catherine Ritchie, Marketing & Communications at Pangolin.Africa. T +27 (0)21 418 2312 | C +27 (0)82 321 2794 | E Thank you so much for including me in the celebration.

Top Image: A Temminck’s Ground Pangolin – one of the four African species which are classified as threatened with extinction due to poaching to supply the demands of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Vietnam. Credit Johan Vermeulen ©

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