The Koh Rok Snorkelling Experience from Pimalai Resort & Spa.

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Pimalai Resort & Spa Snorkelling

The water was warm, clear and the variety of fish plentiful.  I stayed in as long as they let me, at least until my fingers turned wrinkly and the fish grew tired of me.

There are many activities on offer from the Pimalai Resort & Spa, and on arrival, I was advised that one of those booked for me was the Koh Rok Experience with Beautiful Snorkelling. Initially, I hesitated as it meant leaving this incredible resort for most of the day when my stay was only two, yet I was quickly persuaded that this was not to be missed, and how right they were.

Leaving from the hotel to the Pimalai Jetty at 9.30am, a small group of guests from around the world headed out by Pimalai speedboat with the skipper and guide to the blue waters of Koh Rok, where we anchored for snorkelling in the rich coral reefs.

The Lanta Marine National Park is said to offer some of the best snorkelling in Thailand and is made up of various small, protected islands which are perfect for snorkelling with their vast coral reefs and wide variety of colourful sea life. We visited two sites for extended blue water explores before stopping at the Koh Rokalso pristine private beach for some time swimming and relaxing on the shoreline.

Once back on the boat we were served a light BBQ lunch with soft drinks as we moved along the tranquil waters and on to our next stop, throughout soaking up the idyllic setting. Two of the touches that really worked for me was the fresh water shower on the boat, connected to a big plastic barrel of water, each time that we climbed out of the sea we could rinse off the salt. A real treat in the heat and humidity. Also, cold wet hand towels and fruit cut fruit after lunch.

The resort supplies excellent snorkelling equipment, life jackets if you’re not a great swimmer and beach towels. The guides are attentive and even though the trip out to Rok island takes about an hour, the scenery with its protruding green covered island outcrops and fishermen with their long tail boats are spectacular. We were back at the jetty for a short transfer to the hotel by 4pm. Happy as happy can be, after all as a water baby, a day on the sea with the fishes and warm waters of the Andaman Sea is about as good as it gets for me.

Pimalai Resort & Spa Snorkelling

Some of the fish to be seen. On the boat they had a few pictorial guides of fish, coral and seaweed that we should look out for, and once up and drying off, it was fun to share with the others, what we had and hadn’t spotted. From the giant clam to many Sergeant Majors and even a Needlefish. It was a very good day out, indeed.

Pimalai Resort & Spa Snorkelling


Pimalai Resort & Spa Snorkelling

If snorkelling isn’t enough for you, Pimalai offers good value PADI training in their Dive Centre. To read about the Green Pearls Unique Places visit their website or go directly to the Pimalai Resort & Spa websiteRead more about my time at the Pimalai Resort & Spa on Koh Lanta Yai Island. Thailand.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Green Pearls and Pimalai Resort & Spa accommodated me on a B&B, Spa Treatment and activities basis. I am most grateful.

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