This World Tourism Day Take The Pledge To Make Travel Matter.

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It is also the day The Travel Corporation will be launching its Make Travel Matter Sustainability Pledge around the world, with 10 000 staff members taking the pledge and an invitation to others in the travel industry and travellers around the world to join them. I am doing exactly that! Inspired by Palau’s First Lady, Debbie Remengesau who introduced the Palau Pledge, the pledge stands to help protect people, the planet and wildlife.

Make Travel Matter Pledge

I will make my travel matter – for our planet, for people and for wildlife.

When I explore this planet, I will do my best to tread right.

I will refuse single-use plastics when I can and recycle what I cannot avoid.

When possible, I will offset my travels.

When I meet new people, I will honour their home as I do my own and do so in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. I will purchase locally made items wherever possible and pay a fair price.

When I experience wildlife, I will do so in nature.

I will not ride animals that ought not to be ridden, or support animal cruelty in any way.

Together, we will tread right upon the earth – and we will make our travel matter.

About the Travel Corporation’s TreadRight Foundation

Created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, The TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit working to safeguard the planet, wildlife & people for generations to come. TreadRight’s mission is to #MakeTravelMatter through conservation, leadership and support for communities. To date, TreadRight has supported over 55+ sustainable tourism projects worldwide.

Foundation priorities are set by the Steering Committee. Past project partners include WWF, Conservation International, WildAid, The Travel Foundation and The National Trust in the UK. Current initiatives include the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Big Cat fund, and inspiring nature advocates like Céline Cousteau, Costas Christ and Terri Irwin. To learn more about our past and current work at TreadRight, please visit us at

Our precious wildlife that is so in need of protecting.

Plastic caught on a tree, a reminder of the footprint we leave as we go.

Participating in and learning from a community art project.

The Essential Details: To learn more about The TreadRight Foundation and for media contacts, connect with Amanda Hardy, Public Relations and Communications at, who supplied me with this info. Pics provided.


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