Pringle Bay Festival to Bring Together People who Care about the Environment.

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Pringle Bay

Bringing Together People who Care about the Environment

As most of you may know, Pringle Bay is my home from home, my safe place and sanctuary, where my parents live and where I escape to for unconditional love, long beach walks, belly-ache family laughter and loads of relaxation and soul replenishing. It remains one of the most gorgeous and pristine coastal villages in the Western Cape, thanks to the passionate people who live there.

About the Pringle Bay Festival

Just 60 minutes from Cape Town, and one of the finest examples of a coastal community who cares for its environment, they will host their Annual Pringle Bay Festival from 27 – 29 April 2018. #ThinkingBlue is the slogan – declaring the intention to rid the communities of Pringle Bay and Rooiels of all single use plastics and to reduce the human footprint on this unique environment

This community festival attracts more than 7 000 visitors to the beautiful beaches and wide open spaces. The business centre pulses with live entertainment, food stalls cater for every taste, and there are activities for young and old. The Pringle Bay Festival is a celebration of the environmental achievements – promoting conservation under and above the ocean. After 12 months of caring for the environment – they invited us to join in celebrating the achievements.

This year’s event will be packed with community and cultural activities; various events, great food, exciting stalls, live music, cocktail bar, Dog Show, vintage cars, the Harley Davidson club, local arts and craft, kid’s fairground and entertainment. They have a massive line up of artists to keep your feet tapping in the entertainment areas as well as interesting talks, presentations and even comedy.

Pringle Bay Festival 27th – 29th April 2018 #ThinkingBlue

Pringle Bay

Pringle Bay

Pringle Bay

Pringle Bay

What to Expect at the Pringle Bay Festival

The festival will have something for everyone as they are planning an eco-friendly experience for festival goers. The village itself has an array of guest houses and self-catering accommodation, in some spectacular settings.

Historically the festival has been for the benefit of the local community, but over the years it has drawn so much attention, that they now have domestic and international visitors joining for a fun-filled weekend in one of the best-kept secret villages in the Western Cape. They will welcome all newcomers with a smile as no one is a stranger in Pringle Bay.

Enjoy the art route, featuring a range of original locally produced artworks and pottery. Craftsmen delight in showcasing their bespoke products. Families can enjoy outdoor hikes and family fun runs. Meet Montana – the famous sheep, and the 3 alpacas that call Pringle Bay home.

The organisers of the festival are upping their marketing and advertising campaigns. Magic 828 Radio will broadcast live during the event. Sponsors are on-board with fantastic giveaways and prizes. Event goers for the special #thinkingblue will find a place where a vibrant community comes together in celebration of our pristine natural environment. The Pringle Bay Festival promises to be a weekend of fun, food and great activities for the whole family.

Pringle Bay Festival

Pringle Bay Festival

Ways to make a difference by #ThinkingBlue

Pringle Bay and Rooiels are surrounded by many of Mother Nature’s miracles; taking ‘spectacular’ to new dimensions with the coastline, rivers and mountains.  One cannot improve on Mother Nature’s spectacle, but they can do a lot to prevent further decay and destruction. Throughout the year preceding the 2018 festival, the community has been working on becoming a ‘single-use plastic’ free environment; cleaning the beaches and rivers, educating the community and businesses to do their bit to keep their enviro-footprint to its minimum.

As a result, after 12 months of caring for the environment, they ask the world to come and join in celebrating their achievements.  To share their unique and marvellous location; to stay a while and experience for themselves what it is that makes Rooiels and Pringle Bay the little coastal gems that they are.

They are also assisting and encouraging anti-poaching activities, and are involved in some of the Two Oceans Aquarium campaigns. These include – Rethink the Bag and Straws Suck and Balloon Busters. All of which are easy for everyone to adopt into their daily lives and really do make a difference. Read more at

Pringle Bay Festival

Pringle Bay Festival


Pringle Bay Festival

The Essential Details

Stay connected in the leadup to the event on Facebook at Pringle Bay Festival, on Twitter and Instagram. Please also follow, adopt and use the #ThinkingBlue hashtag as we adopt more sustainable practices. For more information, marketing or sponsorship queries contact: Harriet Joao Marketing at and Tel: 0845249706.

Pringle Bay Festival

Hiking Bodie’s Trail above Pringle Bay

To give you more of an idea of Pringle Bay and understand why it is so important to all who love it, to protect it, watch this video of my children hiking Brodie’s Trail recently. Filmed and edited by Eden Weiss Videography. Other pics supplied.


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