Proudly bringing Travel Massive to the Mother City.

Travel Massive

The 30th April 2014 sees the first Travel Massive in Cape Town and I am proud to be one of the Mother City based travel lovers that helped make it happen – although all credit goes to Simon Lewis of Travel Concept Solutions and Travelstart. Details of the first event here. I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the Travel Massive blog in the lead up. Here’s the lowdown.

This week Cape Town will be joining the Travel Massive family with the first ever Travel Massive meet-up in South Africa! Today, we meet the chapter leader, Dawn Jorgensen to talk about her love for travel and our newest addition!

1. What is your connection to the travel industry?

My background is in tour operating where I had a small company for over a decade, designing dream holidays for Internationals visiting Southern Africa. I sold my company a few years ago but still work with a handful of clients who make their way back to South Africa regularly. My current involvement is as a full time travel blogger and freelance writer.

2. When or how did you first get involved with Travel Massive?

I first heard about Travel Massive at TBEX Dublin in October last year, where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the representatives. I immediately felt that Cape Town needed to host a Travel Massive event.

3. Why did you decide to organize Travel Massive meet-ups in your city?

Nobody was doing it and I knew that the city was missing out! Cape Town has a strong role to play in travel both internationally and locally, with their many inspiring campaigns and collaborations. Travel Massive seemed the natural way to bring together the various components of the industry, a perfect opportunity to meet, learn and build relationships.

4. What is the travel industry or travel scene like in your city?

Travel is alive and well in this city full of creatives who write and photograph, share and entice others to visit like tour operators, travel guides and a comprehensive hospitality industry. Personally, as Capetonians we’re bursting with pride and known to brag a bit about all that is on offer, being natural tourists in our own back yard. The city’s cosmopolitan influence keeps us ever connected with the rest of the world and for many travel beyond varies from local and African adventures to the call of Europe, the East and South America.-

5. You’re launching the first ever Travel Massive meet-up in your city! What has the response been like so far?

Incredibly positive with more than 100 indicating they will attend, generous sponsorship and much interest and curiosity. It has affirmed that there is a need for such meet-ups.

6. Can you give us a sneak peak into your plans or the kind of meet-ups you have in store for Travel Massive in your city?

Our first meet-up will be at a rather cool place called Yours Truly, which couldn’t be more apt. The focus will be on introducing all to the concept of Travel Massive with different themes and guest speakers. This is about building relationships and networking opportunities, to meeting others and further understanding the industry we are lucky enough to work in.

7. Why should people attend Travel Massive in your city?

To build a community and connections that the whole city and individuals are sure to benefit from, also to join the global Travel Massive movement!

8. Favourite go-to travel sites or blogs?

Cape Town MagazineCape Town Tourism BlogTravelstartFuture Cape Town, and theGetaway Magazine blog

9. If you could book a ticket tomorrow, where would you go?

Madagascar. I was there in September last year and seem have left a part of my soul in an East Coast fishing village I was lucky enough to visit.

10. What is your best advice for starting out in online travel?

To just do it! Find your own unique voice, follow your passion, make friends, build communities and be always nice, honest, ethical and true to yourself. Travel is a happy life altering wonderful gift, share and encourage it with that in mind.

Hope to see many of you there. Let’s build this travel community with regular meet-ups.

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