The Wild Horses of Kleinmond.

In the Overberg town of Kleinmond roams a herd of feral horses. These majestic beasts live a life of freedom, their dark manes flowing in the wind. My story on The Wild Horses of Kleinmond,

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Kimberley a Diamond of a City.

‘Set in the Northern Cape, the city of Kimberley was founded in the 1870’s on the hope and fervor of the diamond rush that saw prospectors descend on the area to stake their claims with

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My love for Lisbon, Portugal.

As a full-time travel writer, I’m fortunate enough to regularly find myself in beautiful destinations that teach me about the world that we live in. My life is deeply enriched by each experience, yet I

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Thailand. The Green Perspective.

There’s a strong smell of incense in the air as we enter the temple, the tiny sticks stand straight as soldiers in a bowl of sand; coins, flowers and fresh fruit add to their favour.

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Ethiopia. Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Ethiopia is a land steeped in ancient history, rooted in religion and guardian to some of the continent’s most impressive mountainous moonscapes. I offered a snapshot of my time in this incredible African country to

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Invest in Africa

Reasons to be Investing in Africa.

I was asked recently by Katherine Graham to offer my thoughts on Investing in African Travel as she compiled an article for kulula’s khuluma Inflight magazine  This is her feature and all the reasons why it is Africa’s time to

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