Reunion Island. Festival Liberté Métisse.

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This major cultural and unifying event celebrates the abolition of slavery in Reunion, whilst honoring the roots, history and cultural mix of the island. After four centuries, Reunion has a particular identity formed by the arrival of its people from around the world – European, Malagasy, African, Indian, Chinese and Comoros.

This is the very mix that makes the island a unique destination. An island that surprises with its natural beauty and diversity of landscapes and attractions. Yet where the harmonious coexistence of its Creole peoples, their customs and their way of life, is what is said to leave a mark. As luck would have it, I have been invited by Reunion Island Tourism to join fellow travel blogger Natalie Roos to attend this very Festival. To kick off my shoes and join in the festivities as I learn more about the uniqueness of this vanilla island. As it stands all I have is an air ticket. I know not more about where I go, where I’m staying or what logistics have been set in place to ensure smooth travel. I don’t need to. The island is calling and I can practically hear the rhythmic percussion and soulful maloya songs as I pack. Actually, I’m already tapping my feet and getting my move on. What an incredible way to be ending a year that has brought me more travel, opportunities, hope and friendship than I could have imagined. A new people, a new culture, a new destination and a very unique and special learning experience in the company of a glorious traveller. Follow along as we #GoToReunion.

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