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I received a mail from Michi Croce who is one of a group of young German filmmakers that have produced a feature film called ROBIN, that tells the story of an ill boy and his father on their journey through South Africa in order to fulfill Robin’s dream bucket list. The film is linked to a new concept of a global donation campaign called Watch for Wishes where every view generates a 10 cent donation from a company that supports children in need or in medically critical conditions: RMHC, DKMS (Germany) and SOS children’s village. The full-scale adventure-film ROBIN is now available to watch for free. For more details on the making and behind the scenes see: THE PROJECTS STORYHOW WE MADE THE MOVIE and HOW THE CAMPAIGN WORKS.


ROBIN tells the story of a terminally ill boy and his father, who abscond from the hospital to experience a father-son adventure in South Africa and fulfill the boy‘s greatest wishes – as the police pursue John for kidnapping.


We want to transfer the movie’s core topic to never give up no matter how slim the chance to succeed into reality. By just watching our movie, you help us to collect donations for children with life-threatening medical conditions or living in poverty to give them exactly that hope, that ROBIN is about. The charities that will receive the donations are SOS Kinderdorf, McDonalds Kinderhilfe (the german RMHC) and the DKMS. Donate to the campaign.

Its great viewing and a wonderful initiative – well done and thanks for telling me about it Michi!


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