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During my visit to Rwanda in 2014, I was deeply moved by the resilience and beauty of the people, as well as the gorgeous green landscapes and many attractions the country offers. It is a place I now feel a deep attachment to, and highly recommend you add it to your African travel list. Some of the reasons why are included below in this infographic: Rwanda. An overview of a country.

Personally, I had visited there in the hope of learning more about the country’s history, and to try and understand a little of the genocide, also to get a feel for this recovering nation. In Kigali I found a city with manicured lawns and clean, well-tended streets, where structure and order prevail. I noticed a strong police and army presence, both highly respected as peacekeepers. The incredible African fashion that is worn so effortlessly by all was drawn irresistible and I came home with a few items of clothing I still wear. It was interesting to learn that 70% of Rwandans are under the age of 20 yrs and they carry the hope of the nation.

Rwanda is a land of proud people. No longer segregated by identity cards marked Hutu, Tutsi or Twas, as was implemented by Belgium in the 1930’s and was to manipulate the country towards a devastating genocide in 1994.

Everybody I spoke to told me of their loss; parents, siblings, grandparents. How they themselves only survived by being sent out of the city to aunties, relatives. Few disclose which side their heritage is on, as, in Rwanda’s determination to unite a healed people, it no longer matters. Yet in conversation, I know that the individuals still carry the hurt. A visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial is a must.

This country is very much more than their history and I want the world to know how much beauty it has to offer. These I’m put on my wishlist for my return –  gorilla trekking in the Virungas Volcanoes National Park, walking the Congo-Nile trail at Lake Kivu, learning more about the cultural history in Butare and game drives in their national parks.

Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills and a thousand smiles and that warm and friendly welcome is one of many reasons to visit very appealing part of Africa to visit.

In all my travels, I’ve never seen a country’s population more determined to forgive and build and succeed than in this. Rwanda. An overview of a country worth visiting.


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