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Rwanda. – The Kigali Memorial Centre is a sobering tribute to the victims of genocide, in Rwanda and other countries around the world. Specifically though highlighting the history of this country, the colonial influence, the affects of their ‘divide and rule’ segregation, build up, lack of international or UN support in the moment and the trial and reconciliation process that followed.

The walls with photos of victims really break the heart. The children’s room with individual stories reminds of a generation lost. The shattered hope. How neighbours and friends turned on each other. Leaving a million people massacred in the cruelest way, with the intention of inflicting as much pain as possible. Machetes, clubs, rocks used to smash in skulls, babies beaten, bodies left to decompose as the country took stock after the horror.

This was the first place that I visited after arriving in Kigali, as I knew that to truly walk Rwanda’s streets, I needed to understand a little of what had happened here. That it would offer me the foundation and background that I needed. No trip to Rwanda should be taken without a few hours doing just that.

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