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If there’s a way to gain confidence while having fun, it’s definitely through travel and exploring the unexplored. Almost everybody loves the sight of snow-capped mountains, scenic landscapes and gorgeous beach sunsets with the experience even more vivid and rewarding when taken solo.

That said, for every travel enthusiast out there safety is a major concern when exploring on their own, but all you need is self-confidence, good planning, sensible safety measures, and a little bit of cautiousness to sail through the trip with ease. Before embarking on the journey though, you should take care to select the most suitable destination, the following being my recommendation for solo female travellers.

Explore The Mountains Of Switzerland

If you’re fond of the picturesque destinations with an Instagram worthy appeal, then Switzerland is the place to go. Filled with beautiful mountains and river shores embellished by Rhododendrons, you are likely to make some unforgettable memories here. Along with this, the country is quite safe for everybody, be it the ladies or the children. All you need to do is pack your luggage and use the universal roof rack for efficient carrying purposes.

  • Matterhorn, being the top mountain peaks of the great Alps is a must-visit place for the females out there. After gazing at the peak, make sure to visit the nearby village namely, Zermatt. From spectacular carriage rides to luxurious hospitality of the hotels, you can achieve everything at a single place.
  • Interlaken is the place to go if you’re visiting the country during warm seasons. What’s special about this holiday resort is that it lies between the jaw-dropping lakes like Lake Thun & Lake Brienz. Enjoy the adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, and trekking the hills.
  • Lake Geneva offers an ecstatic view of mother nature. For all the solo female travellers, this spot is quite an enthralling one with the historic sites, beautiful gardens, and lush green trees. You can also enjoy the cultural shows at the Grand Theatre.

Jaw-Dropping Nightlife Of Iceland

Popularly regarded as “The Land Of Fire and Ice”, this country is one of the safest destinations for solo female travellers. You’re likely to come across generous locals and get to bond and share your life experiences with reliable strangers. The best time to explore the treasures of Iceland is during the summer days. You can either enjoy the natural adventures of diving the Silfra Fissure or take a refreshing bath in Blue Lagoon.

  • Whale watching at Húsavík still ranks the best amongst the top things to do in Iceland. If you’re fond of the sea animals, make sure to visit the Whale Museum located in this city. Another commendable spot for gazing at the huge creatures is Eyjafjörður.
  • Vestrahorn Hills are the marvels of Iceland with spectacular scenery. Who wouldn’t admire the site of beautiful mountain ranges as the cool waves touch your feet? You can take a walk down the not-so-crowded rural streets. Or, maybe stroll through the black sand beaches. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot a seal or two.
  • Rare geysers, What makes Iceland a must-visit place is the chance to experience the natural springs. You get to see the warm waters rushing at a considerable height under the influence of extremely hot magma. If this doesn’t enthral you, then nothing will. Some aesthetic geysers to see are located in Haukadalur Valley and Strokkur Geysir.

Aesthetic Beaches Of Maldives

For all the ladies who fancy clear waters, islands, and cool breezy atmosphere, Maldives is the place to explore. You experience cultural aesthetics along with the unforgettable scenery. Along with this, the city has some of the best luxurious resorts offering fancy dining at reasonable prices. Go ahead and explore the mysterious archipelagos by digging into history.

  • Underwater diving is the hallmark of a Maldivian Holiday. If you’re a solo female traveller, you must experience the astonishing flora as well as fauna that resides under the water. Some places that offer such activities are Vaavu, Leemu, North and South Males, and Ari Atoll.
  • Maldivian Islands like Alimatha, Ambara, and Biyadoo are the most popular ones. Not only do they offer a scenic view, but also mouth-watering sea-food for every tourist. When in the Maldives, make sure to explore at least the unique islands popular for specific animal populations.
  • Spiritual Sites occupies a special place in the Maldives’ history as well as culture. Hulhumale Mosque, Masjid Al Aisha, and Masjid Abdulla are the major religious sites. Other than that, you can ask the locals as well to gain more information related to it.

Little Harmless Towns Of South Africa

With a mixture of European as well as African cultures, every female traveler gets to experience both at a single place. You will find just the right blend of tradition as well as modernity in South Africa. From the bewildering views of Alfred Waterfront to the astonishing architecture of Two Oceans Aquarium, every tourist spot in South Africa is one of its kind.

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive is a mountain peak located in the Cape Peninsula region. Travellers often visit this place for the top-notch scenery and high rise waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also try out the best wines at Groot Constantia.
  • The Garden Route offers some enthralling flora embellished with colourful flowers and natural aesthetics. Storms River, Tsitsikamma national park, and Wilderness are the highlights of this route.
  • Kruger National Park is the right place for the animal lovers out there. Go for the wildlife safari filled with exciting animals like the Cape Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhinoceros. What’s even better is that you can choose the most reliable safari experience with the help of regular rides and top-notch lodges.

Observe The Unique Wildlife Of Australia

Experience the fauna like never before on a solo journey to Australia. Most of the ladies start their solo voyages with this country as the final destination. You can take a walk down the Valley Of The Winds or the Kata Tjuta for an experience like never before. Along with this, the locals are generous enough to guide you regarding the places to visit nearby.

  • Cairns is not your regular island city. With the beautiful turquoise water bodies coupled up with the rainforests, his city is a must-visit for solo female travelers. You can also experience an all-natural experience at Daintree National Park or Great Barrier Reef.
  • Island Tasmania is yet another top place in the bucket list of travelers all over the globe. This is due to the ecstatic landscapes and eye-catchy white beaches. Don’t forget to enjoy the antiquities of Alpine plateaus residing in the heart of this popular island.
  • Brisbane, a lively and fun city on the premises of Australia has a little bit of everything. From beautiful beaches to adventurous activities that fetch the best adrenaline rush, you get everything at this place.

Themed Cafes & Beautiful Parks Of Tokyo

Tokyo is yet another amazing city with top-notch security and attractive tourist spots. You are less likely to face any transport-related difficulties here due to systematic public transportation. Along with this, unique cafes and luxurious amusement parks are always popular visit places in the city. If you’re an art lover, there are innumerable opportunities related to it in Tokyo.

  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Park boasts the huge lawns and magnificent animal population. You get to observe the unique wildlife as well as picturesque locations here. Also, you can fetch some insight regarding the Japanese culture with jaw-dropping architecture.
  • Ueno Park is filled with natural vibes and Japanese touch to every architecture. Get a picture by the cherry blossoms garden or visit the spiritual temples. You can also dine at the popular cafes offering authentic Japanese food. Every solo female traveller loves the vibes of this park with the clean ponds and natural fragrance.

Innumerable Cultures of Canada

If you’re fond of culture and heritage, then Canada is the place for you. Filled with multicultural aesthetics and modern architecture, Canada has everything a female traveller desires. Also, this place is extremely safe due to the friendly nature of the locals and better security aspects.

  • Niagara Falls in Ontario is the most-visited spot in Canada. You get to feel the velocity of the water via maid of the mist boats. With the natural reserves and trekking opportunities, you can make the most out of this tourist spot.
  • Banff, the small mountain cliff in Alberta is an exquisite one due to both natural as well as luxurious appeal.
  • Jasper National Park is one of the best parks featuring rare fauna and animal species. If you’re an animal lover, make sure to visit this tourist attraction for a once in a lifetime experience.

As a female solo traveller it is necessary to take safety precautions. A good start is selecting the safest destinations and slowly moving from there on to the more thrilling ones as your confidence builds. Iceland comes in as one of the safest and most exciting places to explore. Other than that, Switzerland, Australia, and South Africa are enthralling in their own unique ways. Read the safest places mentioned and decide the destination based on your personal preferences.

** All pics sourced on Pixabay.

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