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I can pinpoint the exact moment that I knew I would one day walk the streets of this city with its tragic history of war, it’s brave and resilient people and undeniable romance and intrigue.

It was while reading ‘Fools Rush In’ by Dan Carter in 2005, a book that changed me. As did his subsequent ‘Miss Sarajevo’ documentary, both offering a startling portrait of the capital of Bosnia while it was under siege.

Today, with thanks to the Lufthansa flights I won with Traveller24 last year, Hein van Tonder and I will head there to explore the city on foot, to learn about the history and more so the city’s recovery and regrowth, and to be guided – through Hein’s genius and insight, to the best spots in the city to eat, enjoy sundowners and take in the hilltop views.

With a train trip to Mostar where we will spend a couple of nights, the week ahead will be a pilgrimage of discovery with lessons to learned, a new culture to be savoured and for me, very much a dream come true.

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