Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans brings marine awareness to the streets of Cape Town.

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The PangeaSeed Foundation is collaborating with 11 South African and three international mural artists who will take part in Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, a renowned public art programme of giant art installations across Cape Town.

You might have noticed the giant murals of sea creatures popping up throughout the city. They are part of the Sea Walls: South Africa, presented by the Save Our Seas Foundation, a public art programme that is to appear on the side of 14 buildings around Cape Town in a bid to make an indelible mark in the fight to protect our oceans. In the dazzling display of artistic prowess, renowned Spanish artist Antonio Segura, also known as DULK, joined forces with Germany’s Yeye Weller and the British street artist Si Omar (Cracked Ink) to fuse art and activism to raise awareness about environmental issues, particularly the threats faced by marine life.

The Artistic Ensemble: DULK, celebrated for his surreal depictions of endangered animals, collaborates with Weller, recognised for his powerful cartoon style, and Cracked Ink, the British street artist known for monochromatic character-based creations. Together with a stellar lineup of South African artists to contribute to PangeaSeed’s network of over 500 murals in 19 countries, created by more than 400 artists. The motto driving this creative force is simple but profound: ‘A Drop of Paint Can Create an Ocean of Change’. The artists’ creative endeavours extend beyond the captivating murals that will adorn various locations in Cape Town, including Gardens, Kalk Bay, Newlands, Muizenberg, Cape Town CBD, and Salt River.

Tre Packard expressed excitement about Sea Walls being in Cape Town, emphasising the city’s unique position surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. He sees it as a natural fit for the project’s message of solidarity with communities striving to preserve natural spaces amid South African cultural challenges. Shani Judes, the Project Manager for Sea Walls: South Africa, highlighted the collaboration’s global significance, putting Cape Town on the map as a unique stop on the tour of art and activism. She envisions the project will leave a lasting legacy, fostering engagement among Cape Town residents and the artistic community while emphasizing the global impact of Sea Walls.

The murals are not merely aesthetically pleasing; they are purpose-driven and educational. Each artwork addresses locally relevant environmental challenges, historical legacies, and other community-specific issues. The goal is to inspire ocean stewardship through creativity and visual storytelling. One notable mural by DBongz in Newlands pays homage to its location on the Cape Town headquarters of the South African National Deaf Association. The artwork portrays a young child, armed with tools to collect ocean plastics, signalling through sign language a commitment to protect endangered species threatened by human activities.

CEO of the Save Our Seas Foundation, James Lea, underscores the impact of striking art in connecting with people, transcending the limitations of traditional scientific communication. The collaboration with Sea Walls and Wavescape aims to present a stunning array of murals across Cape Town that highlights the oceans’ majesty, fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting ocean stewardship. Sea Walls: South Africa emerges as a testament to the transformative power of art in conveying urgent environmental messages.

The murals gracing the walls of Cape Town not only beautify the urban landscape but also serve as powerful catalysts for change. The collaborative efforts of international and local artists, coupled with the engagement of the community, create a symphony of art and activism, echoing the resounding call to protect our oceans for future generations.

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