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Seven Destinations

If being back at work and struggling through January made you want to run for the hills, or the beaches, you are not alone. Post-holiday blues are widely documented and affect many people who spend their days thinking about their next holiday, rather than getting tucked back into the reality of work.

Here are seven dream holiday desitnations to keep you going.

Imagine exploring the ancient cave temples, tea plantations and idyllic beaches on an 8-day laid-back adventure through Sri Lanka, or hitting the open road between New York and New Orleans on a 7-day overland odyssey. All is possible, although for most of us, facing up to our financial situation after the festive season is more of a priority than booking our next vacation.

No more excuses, turn your daydreams into a reality by creating a holiday savings plan – making it a priority and ensuring that you will one day see the history-steeped landscapes of Jordan and Egypt or spend a glorious week in Cuba (my dream) immersing yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of this colourful Caribbean island. These and other inspiring holiday packages including local trips to Simonstown and the Drakensberg, are all available and very affordable.

1. The United States Big Easy – New Orleans

Seven Destinations
New Orleans, Louisiana at Jackson Square.,
Seven Destinations
Silhouette of the Crescent City Connection and the City of New Orleans, USA over the Mississippi River during Sunset

Visit Washington DC, Nashville and Memphis before travelling to New Orleans. Cut through the heart of the gigantic United States and hit the open road between two of its most iconic cities – New York and New Orleans. Snaking through the jaw-dropping Appalachian Mountains, via the nation’s capital, this route encompasses everything from pioneer and political history to the musical legacies of Nashville and Memphis. This overland odyssey has something for everyone, so jump aboard and get ready to explore one of the most fascinating nations on earth.

2. Beautiful Cuba

Vintage classic pink American oldtimer convertible in the old town of Havana Cuba

Travel to Cuba and experience the enthralling history of this seductive Caribbean island. Enjoy a relaxing week-long adventure while immersing yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of this colourful Caribbean island. Cuba’s imminent political and cultural change makes it something to experience before it evolves. Wander through Havana’s glittering colonial architecture, soak up the clear mountain air among Soroa’s vibrant mountain orchards, relax on Playa Ancon’s vast white beaches and admire Trinidad’s unrivalled ambience. From old cars to fragrant cigars and with plenty of salsa in between, this trip has it all and is the perfect introduction to all things Cuban.

3. New York City

With a reputation as the greatest in the world, New York is more than a vibrant, aesthetically exciting and character-rich city that thrives on the energy of all who live, work, and play there. It’s a feeling, a sense of being that only exists while walking the New York streets, lounging on the lawns of Central Park and taking in a show on Broadway.

Home to some of the finest art museums in the world, you could spend days working your way through New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But allow enough time for a visit to MoMA, which specializes in modern and contemporary art and is home to some of the world’s most renowned masterpieces by Warhol, Picasso and Van Gogh. Central Park is a heavenly urban Eden and no matter how many people congregate there, you will always find a spot to picnic, take in the greenery or simply wander on an endless loop of discovery. In contrast, Times Square is the most frenzied and crowded part of the city and somewhat of an obligatory sensory overload with the chaotic mix of massive advertising billboards, flashing displays, street musicians, and selfie-takers. But to walk along the Highline is a beautiful blend of both: it spans almost two miles of the city upon what was once a railway and is now a lush greenway.

To truly understand the scope of the city, head to the top of one of the city’s skyscrapers. Popular options are the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center, from which you’ll have a gorgeous perspective of midtown. The views from the art décor Empire State Building’s 86th-floor deck are spectacular, but 16 stories up on the 102nd-floor observatory is even better, yet oddly few visitors go all the way up. Walk the attractive Brooklyn Bridge, one of the city’s most recognisable structures. The crossing over the East River takes about 40 minutes and delivers a good look back at Lower Manhattan. Alternatively, walk across the Williamsburg Bridge that connects two of New York’s coolest neighbourhoods, namely Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, instead. In winter New York City is perfect. 

Seven Destinations

4. Simply Sri Lanka

Encounter ancient cave temples, tea plantations and idyllic beaches on this laid-back adventure through Sri Lanka. Set adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is jam-packed with ancient sites, fascinating culture, beautiful wilderness and idyllic beaches. Go as fast or as slow as you like on this adventure through south and central Sri Lanka. Pick for treasures through the frenzied markets of Colombo, wander through the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, climb Lion Rock at Sigiriya, and explore the monkey-filled mangrove forests of Unawatuna, or simply bliss-out on the beaches in Galle with ginger iced tea in hand.

5. Jordan and Egypt Express

Seven Destinations

Embark on a fascinating journey through Jordan and Egypt. There’s something truly epic about this nine-day adventure through the spectacular, history-steeped landscapes of Jordan and Egypt. Wander the ancient city of Petra, relax on the Red Sea, and finish up among the souqs and pyramids in Cairo. As you tour this land of tenacious adventurers, mighty pharaohs and biblical prophets, the legendary hospitality of the area’s beautiful Bedouin people will ensure you a warm welcome to desert camps and the tranquil beaches of the Red Sea. NOTE: Before booking this trip I recommend that you read the ‘Safety’ section in the trip notes regarding special considerations for Egypt trips.

6. Cape Town, Simonstown

Keeping it closer to home, book a three-night stay at Simon’s Town aha Quayside Hotel on a package that includes 3 nights of accommodation in a mountain-facing room with breakfast daily. Return economy flight tickets departing from OR Tambo or Lanseria to Cape Town are included. This is on a self-drive basis. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required to secure the booking.

7. Northern Drakensberg – Alpine Heath Resort (Self Drive)

Beautiful green hills in Drakensberg South Africa.

Midweek Snow Break at the Alpine Heath Resort in Central Drakensberg. Your Alpine Heath stay promises an unforgettable time away. If you’re looking to host an event, you’ll be pleased to know the fully equipped conference venues and various room packages ensure absolute confidence and comfort too.

Whichever it is, don’t hold back on the dream. Relish the satisfaction of slowly but certainly brining it within reach.

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21 Responses

  1. For me it would definitely be Cuba. To step back in time to an era I will never be a part of will be like an incredible version of time travel! I can just Imagine cruising around in a cotton candy pink open topped Cadillac from a bygone era with the colorful buildings and people with huge bright smiles waving as you pass by looking like a movie star from the 1950’s. Then sipping rum cocktails while watching the sunset on this exotic land. This will not be like any other holiday but will feel like you’ve gone back in time rejuvenating mind, spirit and body. Oh the thought of it alone fills me with joy, imagine living it, even for a moment!

  2. Sri Lanka without a doubt is on my radar this year.I love exploring unique cultures and eating delicious traditional food like a egg hopper.As a huge tea drinker would love to visit the the the Ginger Ice Tea sounds divine !

  3. I would love to visit Sri Lanka.A land of tea plantations,an interesting culture and delish food like a food hopper.That iced ginger tea sounds yum.I love exploring places steeped in culture and tradition.

  4. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel
    I like the idea of being able to pay a deposit and secure the booking.
    Never knew TFG offered these deals before.

    I’d love to visit Sri Lanka.
    After reading so many wonderful stories and seeing pictures of the beautiful place , I want to visit the tea trails, beautiful beaches and ezplore shopping there . It’s a place rich in culture

    Holding thumbs,❤️

  5. It’s easy to bemoan 2018, the year that was.
    There will be endless complaints about the economy going down, VAT going up, polony poisoning the nation and a dearth of international stamps in our passports.
    Instead, we choose to focus on the positive and Sri Lanka has been a dream destination of Davina and I for years.
    Tantalising fragrances of street food, laced with curry and coconut, wafting across balmy nights.
    The swash of the waves, lapping at the shores of idyllic beaches, as we nestle our feet in the warm, damp sand.
    Remarkable sunsets set fire to the sky with magnificent shades of red, orange and yellow.
    These are the reasons we wish to visit Sri Lanka.
    A country steeped in history and culture.
    A country to awaken our senses.
    A country for us to reconnect with each other, again.

  6. You know the opening scene in the movie ‘Up’, where the couple have this wonderful goal to travel and experience new things but then everyday life just kinda gets in the way and that dream gets relegated to a bookshelf?
    Well that’s where it feels we are at the moment (except we’ve had the kids – unlike the movie) and our dream of visiting New York City is collecting dust, just like the Lonely Planet New York City Guide we bought all those years ago and is now sitting on the bookshelf.

    This is the perfect prize to kick-start us into action and to tick off that bucket-list travel dream, before we make any more excuses as to why we just can’t do it.

  7. As much as a foreign country calls my name, its a distanced call in comparison to what I have to enjoy on my doorstep. My choice out of seven has to be the majestic Northern Drakensberg. My favourite afrikaans when referring to mountains, “Die majestieuse berge”. Also referring to my beautiful Table Mountain that I have the privillege of enjoying daily. The Northern Drakensberg to me is a picture of rough tranquility. When life seems to be getting the better of me, surrounding myself with lush majestic mountains & a spa treatment or two sounds like the perfect plan.

  8. SIMONSTOWN, Cape Town. Local is lekker and although its in South Africa I’ve never been there before. South africa got this hidden gem places that we often don’t know about, I would love to explore it

  9. Definitely Sri Lanka!
    I’ve heard so many amazing things from people who have already travelled there. It’ll also be a chance to get back to my roots – discovering more about myself whilst being immersed in the culture.
    From the pristine beaches to the lush forests and rich history – for me, Sri Lanka is my ideal destination and at the top of my bucket list.

  10. I would love to win the Drakenberg holiday to spoil my mum who is in her 70’s and works full time as a teacher. She deserves a wonderful holiday and it would be great to spoil her as she is not able to spoil herself

  11. Sri Lanka for sure! An incredibly beautiful island with fascinating culture and great surf, but more importantly, I am hoping to meet my brother who lives inAustraliathere for a holiday together- haven’t seen him for several years and this voucher would help make our dream a reality

  12. Ooh! Sri Lanka sounds like a sensory delight! An amazing place to soak in the culture, the atmosphere and explore the history of this corner of the globe.

  13. Cuba! I have always dreamt of walking through the streets of Havana with its beautiful architecture, vintage cars, rich culture and beautiful sights

  14. Getting lost in history in Egypt – who could say no to such a journey of architectural wonders? And then, floating in the Red Sea, drinking strong coffee in Cairo…. brewing memories to last a life time. Spice for life and living.

  15. Oh my word; how do you choose?! Egypt has been on my travel lust list for years. I used to be a belly dance performer and teacher and it has been a dream of mine to learn from the best in Egypt. And Cuba… what can one say? The music, the culture, the architecture. It’s all just so sexy 😉 But if I had to choose, it would be the Drakensberg. We have such a beautiful country and there is still so much I want to see. And the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains in winter sounds idyllic! Throw in a massage or two and it’s a dream getaway!

  16. I would love to visit Cuba! I think this is one place where culture, history, and beauty combine – without catering to mass tourism. It seems authentic, vibrant and interesting and I would love to discover a new story behind every corner. Also, my husband just looooves old cars and it would bring a smile to my face to watch him act like a kid in a playground with all those vintage beauties around!

  17. It’s definitely Sri Lanka for me. I have a special connection to the many places I’ve been to in the Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka has been on my ‘must-visit’ list for a few years now. I’d love to do a solo trip there and share my experience through my travel writing, as I usually do. I love the wildness of the lush inland landscape, the history and culture-rich activities and of course, the idyllic beaches.

  18. Did someone say Cuba?
    To visit would be Supa
    Traveling cobblestone roads
    The fun would be loads
    Seeing gleaming old chevies
    Beauties in their bevies
    Hints of days long gone
    Hearing traditional song
    Empanadas and spices
    Cigars and other vices
    Especially some
    Of their world renowned rum
    Consider me for the ticket
    Don’t let someone else nick it
    You’ll have no regret
    As this will be something I will never

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