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It may seem like a novel way to plan a trip, but think about how precious holiday time is and you’ll appreciate the importance of getting it just right. A holiday where you enjoy the culture, food, surroundings, weather, as well as immersing yourself into all the destination has to offer. But not everywhere is for everyone, as we are all built differently with different likes and dislikes and different personalities.

So, that gets one thinking. What if you planned your trips around your personality type? Sure, not many would turn down a vacation to a tropical island or luxury hotel, but you would be surprised how many travellers won’t enjoy the entire experience.

Here are 5 base types personalities and their travel preference, and you’re likely to fall into one of them. You may even find you are a mix of a few, and that would make you a very good travelling partner, always open to diverse and varied adventure.

The Extrovert

The Extrovert, as with all things in life, likes to be the centre of attention, and generally likes to surround themselves with lots of interesting new places and spaces. They are inclined to like culturally rich and loud destinations filled to the brim with exiting new sites and experiences, that for others may seem overwhelming. Places like India, Egypt, Mexico and Japan are all good places to start if you feel that you may be an extrovert.

Most like a bit of adventure, and will be game to dive under large underwater caves, climb hair-raising mountains, and jump off oh-my-gosh high cliffs. Put a challenge in their way and you will find them jumping in with both feet, not thinking about the consequences.

They are all about high risk and high reward. Be warned, though, travelling with an extroverted traveller, can be a tumultuous partnership, you should learn quickly to throw caution to the wind and size every opportunity thrown at you, otherwise you’ll be miserable and on the first plane back to the safety and comfort of your own home. However, stick it through and no one will have travel stories like the two of you.

The Introvert

Opposite to that of the extrovert, the introvert like to do much of their travelling on their own, or at least with likeminded people. Those that want to take their time looking at an ancient art piece, or exploring the ruins of someone long. They do not like big crowds, or being surrounded by too many warm bodies. They prefer quiet, tranquil places, places with historic value and a leisurely culture. Places like Italy, France or Rome are a good place to start.

They are not your most adventurous, preferring to stay on solid ground; with both feet that is. They prefer to keep to themselves, taking the travel path that is less taken. This so often leads them to an often-overlooked wonder or quaint restaurant. You will typically find the introvert quietly perched against a brick wall admiring the view or attraction from a far, or sitting conservatively towards the back of the conference centre during a business trip.

They will plan their trip to the extent that they will fill up every inch of their time, not wasting a moment or money. They like to sit and listen to the latest opera or live show, quietly relishing in the joy.

The Giver

The giver, by the nature of this name, is the type to look for destinations that involves getting involved, doing something for the betterment of the world. Working holidays are just as much great as ice cream to a child. In fact, they wouldn’t even call it a working holiday for them it’s just a holiday. They like to get their hands dirty and mingle with the locals of the land. The giver wants to learn all he or she can about the place they find themselves in. Their mission is to give back, but also take something with them, whether it be new knowledge, a self-fulfilling experience, and most definitely a trinket or two for memorabilia’s sake. Places like Africa, Vietnam, Brazil and Nepal.

The giver will spend endless hours working to help give back to the place of their choosing, whether they are partaking in caring and teaching projects, or whether they are involved in environmental conservations or even helping with community and culture programs. If you are going to travel with a giver, open your heart up before you go, and be prepared to have a very selfless holiday.

The Spontaneous

This fellow doesn’t plan anything. They decide the day or week before that they are doing something and they do it. But, plans may change along the way too, if something more interested crops up. Places like America, Greece, and South Africa are perfect destinations for the spontaneous as they have so much to offer.

Life is never dull moment and never a plan. Be ready to get going to new places with no for warning or any kind of plan. Pack for any and all occasions, or be prepared to take a lot of cash with, as you may find yourself at a masked ball the one night and backpacking in the Himalayas the next day. Life is really all about the journey for the spontaneous.

The Laidback

Well, a holiday, generally, is meant to be a time to relax, and the Laidback really buys into this idea. In a nutshell, they prefer to do as little as possible when travelling, so a destination where they don’t have to lift a hand is perfect. Island holidays, such as Thanda Island, would fit right into their agenda, and let me tell you, their agenda is simple. Do nothing, or as close to that as is humanly possible. They revel in their time off and take relaxing very seriously.

When you travel with the Laidback, you will be the most relaxed you have ever been afterwards. But, again, as with all our different personality types, this type of vacation doesn’t suit everyone. Perhaps, most would like to do nothing for a few days, but at some point, they may just get all-antsy and need to stretch a limb or two.

If you are planning a walking holiday through Jerusalem or over the Great Wall of China, do not take the laidback with you. You will be walking on your own. They look for places to rejuvenate and unwind, to get in touch with themselves and nature. Places to best travel with a laidback are an African Safari, the Seychelles, or Bora Bora. Places that require nothing but lavish luxury, relaxation and an intimate relationship with nature.

The world is so vast and filled with so many wonderful places to see and experience, each one offering a unique outlook, experience and lasting impact. No matter what your personality type is or how you wish to travel it is important to do so, to enrich yourself with new places, faces and spaces, no matter who you are. They won’t all be for you and that’s okay. With a little more insight into who you are and what you like you can make an informed decision to where will best suit you, ensuring that you get everything you wished for and more from your holiday.

Enjoy planning your dream holiday, and tell me which personality you are and where it will be.

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