Slaughter & Fox Handcrafted Sunglasses

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Saurabh Maskara, the founder of the Slaughter & Fox range of Eyewear. As I’m a girl who exists on cheap and cheerful sunglasses, picked up at markets, the airport or as an extension to a grocery shop I may be doing, the item had become almost disposable to me as I found myself guilty of sitting on them, scratching them and throwing them unprotected into my bag. This trend was about to change.

Saurab invited me to get serious about my choice of eyewear, and select a pair of quality sunglasses off her online store, and call them mine. Their eyewear combines elegance, refinement and high quality standards, yet they are sold at incredibly good value, with their starting price for the South African market at R699 and the limited edition, of which they only manufacture 100 individually numbered pairs, from R2999. 

Struggling to decide, I left the decision in Saurab’s capable hands, and he ended up sending me TWO, not one pair, of her handcrafted sunglasses. They are gorgeous, and perfect, pushing my boundaries to a style that I did not know suited me so well.

The first pair is called the Theatre District. Themed for the hustle of Broadway in Manhattan, New York and captured beautifully in a wood like frame with a metal feature, they would look at home in recording studios, record label offices, theatrical agencies and television studios. Fully polarised, I am happy wearing them for my long walks on the beach and enjoying the tinged view of the skies they bring. Currently retailing for only R999.

The second, the Brooklyn limited edition, has the frame available in three different colours – mine in Airline Gold, and expresses the beauty, depth and richness of the design with very cool a stand out lens. They are made in a limited run of 100 world wide with a serial number etched into each frame. I’d never seen anything like them, but once I have them on they make me feel like a movie star. On the store they retail for R1999.

The Slaughter & Fox Story

Slaugher & Fox have taken the brave move of going up against giant manufacturers who dominate the eye glass industry, producing glasses under many household names that give the illusion of singular brands, yet all mass produced to order. They feel that clients deserve more than this, most specifically to know what they are buying, and the story and people producing the product.

Slaughter & Fox aim for a the magical balance between premium products and revolutionary prices. They realised that eyewear is way too expensive with one company keeping superficially high prices while reaping huge profit. Their eyewear is different, designed in New York and handmade globally in carefully family owned factories.

Where to find Slaughter & Fox

Their look book can be viewed here and more details can be viewed on  In addition they do popup stores and kiosks in shopping malls and more recently are available on, and and are in the process of listing with major e-commerce sites including Amazon Global. That said, I think their own online store offers excellent service and convenience.

Get your Own Pair of Slaughter & Fox

Slaughter & Fox are offering you a discount should you wish to buy your own pair of sunglasses. Just use the Discount Voucher Dawn60 and get 60% off the purchase price. An amazing offer.

The Essential Details

*I was gifted two pairs of Slaughter & Fox sunglasses and the offer of a discount to my readers. I urge you to take up the offer, affordable handcrafted eyewear, and the polarised views have changed my perspective.

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