Some Interesting Facts on the Rhino – By TREC1000.


Things I learnt about Rhinos from the Trec1000 team. The facts and figures are staggering and I can understand why they are driven to do something that will really make a difference. I quote:

“In just over 4 years, South Africa has lost 1632 (and rising) rhino to poaching, totalling a staggering approximate R1.2 billion in rhino.

“2012 will go down as the worst year SO FAR for the rhino” in the modern era of conservation. A total of 668 animals were recorded to have been poached in South Africa last year, a 50% increase from the previous year of 448. Of this total, 63% were poached in the Kruger National Park.

In 2013, the situation seems to be no different and we are still experiencing close to two rhino deaths per day (59 recorded deaths in January 2013) with the Kruger National Park again losing the bulk of them (71%).

  • There used to be four subspecies of Black Rhino, only 3 survive today:
  • The western Black Rhino was declared extinct in 2011.
  • The combined population of the 3 remaining Black Rhino species account to a mere few thousand.
  • There are two subspecies of White Rhino.
  • Only 4 Northern White Rhino are left and they are guarded very closely.
  • 1000’s of Southern White Rhino have been poached in the past few years with statistics increasing.
  • Less than 220 Sumatran Rhino are left and their numbers are declining.
  • Less than 45 Javan Rhino are remaining, with their numbers also declining.
  • Less than 3000 Indian Rhino survive today.

They include a quote from Simon Stuart “You have to imagine an animal walking around with a golden horn – that is what you are looking at and that is why you need such high security”


I have just checked figures today and at least 448 rhinos have been illegally killed in South Africa this year to date. The situation is critical, and campaigns such as Trec1000 are essential in making a difference.

Trec1000 list their objective as follows: ‘To gather sponsorship to help ensure that their extinction is averted by pre-empting the poaching of the Rhino in the Manyeleti and Western Kruger, in partnership with WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) and the GRU (Game Reserves United), in their war against the wholesale slaughter of these gentle beasts.’

Lets support this initiative and the inspiring people behind them.

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