SPCA Wellington my Chosen Beneficiary as MySchool celebrates 21st Birthday.

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme is celebrating 21 years of giving back. To date, the program has raised over R500 million for South African schools, charities, animal and environmental causes, thanks to supporters simply swiping their cards when they shop at participating retailers. I’m proud to have had a card for about 15 years, and as a regular at Woollies, know that I’ve contributed towards the program over the years.

In celebration of its 21st anniversary, MySchool has launched the ‘21 years of Giving Backcampaign, with R2.1 million to be given away to 21 causes.

Until the end of February 2019, you are invited to nominate any South African charitable organisation that matters to you. During May, 21 winning beneficiary organisations will be chosen from the list of nominations to each receive R100 000, and the supporters who nominated them will each receive a R1000 Woolies Giftcard.

SPCA Wellington my chosen MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary

My long time beneficiary (and MySchool21 nomination) is the SPCA Wellington. I spent a day with them to learn first hand about the valuable work that they do and how the MySchool contributions they receive, are helping to make a difference.

I’m rooting for the SPCA Wellington to be one of the 21 nominated causes that will receive R100000.

It was a very steamy 45C when we arrived at the weekly clinic where the volunteer vet was offering consultations, inoculations and deworming at a very reduced rate, while dipping and flea power sessions were underway for free with Jeremy, and SPCA Inspector Maggie offered gentle and meaningful advice on how best to care for a much-loved pet.

Reflecting on the day, I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to be there and loved the gentle way in which Jeremy took care of each dog he dipped, how Maggie puts her passion and strength into educating the pet owners and loving up each of the pups that come for their Karbadust. Also, how Coleen is managing all logistics at the SPCA office, including the sad reality of the many unwanted animals that come through their doors, each deserving a second chance, but mostly not getting it … I have the utmost respect for this team and all that they achieve with very little financial support and would love to see them receiving more.

Maggie giving one of the pups a cuddle, after it bravely received its first innoculation.
Rubbing in all the powder to get rid of the ticks and fleas.

A feel-good story that showed me numerous things:

– People love their animals, and not even the baking Boland heat will keep them away from the clinic, which operates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
– A qualified and super talented vet gives of her time to offer consultations to the animals that need it most, yet whose family’s can’t afford to pay the full fee.
– This kind of work is essential in every town, especially in the poorer communities, yet badly needs funding.
– Never say no to a cool bath on a hot day – look at the smiles on the faces of the dogs as they got their dips.
– A bottle of frozen water in the dog’s bowl keeps the water cold all day.
– Puppy breath is one of the best smells in the WORLD.

The queue of owners and their animals, waiting to see the vet.

Bongani had walked over an hour in the heat so his much-loved pup could be dewormed, inoculated and dipped.
Possibly the best looking dog of the day, this husky puppy arrived to get his card and first inoculation.

After the morning at the clinic, we visited the SPCA Wellington premises, which sees over 3000 animals through its doors each year. Here we learnt about the struggles to secure funding, and how if more money was coming in, the focus area would definitely be on sterilisation, and education, as well as subsidising more clinics. There were numerous dogs and cats there that are looking to be adopted, should you be in a position to add a fur friend to your family, please let me know?

A tiny little face saying ‘Adopt Me’ please.

If you’d like to support their good work, consider funding sterilisation, which can be done with the support of MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, and choose these cuties and the incredible people working here, as your place to support.

More about the MySchool Loyalty Program

Originally an innovative school fundraising concept, the programme has evolved over the past 21 years in order for cardholders to be able to support other causes that are close to their hearts. MyVillage beneficiaries are a wide range of human development and care charities; while MyPlanet refers to those beneficiary organisations whose work involves animal welfare, conservation and environmental causes.

Each cardholder can nominate up to three beneficiaries, and donations are made by participating retailers on their behalf, and at no cost to them. 21 years down the line, there are 1 200 000 active cardholders raising funds for over 8 000 beneficiaries of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme, of which over 890 000 swipe for schools; 102 000 for MyVillage charities and 137 000 for MyPlanet organisations.

Follow these easy steps and nominate your favourite beneficiary, or mine

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme is celebrating 21 years of giving back. To date, more than R500 million has been raised for South African schools, charities, animal and environmental causes thanks to supporters swiping their cards at participating retailers.

In celebration of its 21st anniversary, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has launched the ‘21 years of Giving Back’ campaign with R2.1 million to give away to 21 causes. Supporters are invited, until the end of February 2019, to nominate any South African charitable organisation that matters to them. On May, 21 winning beneficiary organisations will be chosen from the list of nominations to each receive R100 000. Nominate your favourite Charity.

The 21 Years of Giving Back campaign is open to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters throughout the country. “We hope that R2.1 million to give away to 21 causes to celebrate 21 Years of Giving Back will inspire supporters to put their local heroes in the spotlight and give them a chance to win R100 000 towards the continuation for their important work within communities.”

The Essential Details, and how you can make a difference

  • Ensure that you have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, and select Wellington SPCA as your beneficiary.
  • Nominate the Wellington SPCA as one of the charities that will receive R100000 MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. Supporters are invited, until the end of February 2019, to nominate any South African charitable organisation that matters to them. http://www.myschool.co.za/21years
  • The 21 Years of Giving Back campaign is open to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters throughout the country.
  • To nominate, you must be a MySchool or linked Woolworths cardholder. If you are not yet a cardholder, you can sign up for free at www.myschool.co.za or download the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet App.
  • Swipe your card every time you shop at Woolworths, Engen Foodstops, Bidves, Waltons, Flight Centre and loot.co.za.
  • Beyond the MySchool contributions, you could donate a monthly amount of R100 to the SPCA to help them cover the costs. Details are on their FB.
  • Consider sponsoring a spay or neuter at R450, they have sterilization clinics every 6 weeks.
  • Better still, consider giving one of the gorgeous animals at the kennels a forever home.

It has never been easier to make a difference, Follow these simple steps to sign up and soon you’ll be making a difference every time you swipe. Please spread the word and let’s all do what we can to support our community.

*** This is a sponsored post, in association with MySchool. For additional information contact Jackie Busch of liquidlingo Communications at 082 376 4446.

*** Read my other MySchool blog posts

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